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Our story

Limitless USA Background

When we started Limitless 26 Years ago, we had one single mission: helping everyone become limitless using the technology they needed to succeed. We also wanted everyone to contribute to a better planet by recycling electronic waste. We wanted to give people the power and technology to thrive and help the environment as well. As waste grew, we started capitalizing on that market. We believed we could do something about electronic waste, that’s why we started buying and selling used electronic devices. If we could help people succeed by using the right technology and also improve the environment, we would certainly play our part.

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Over the years, the market for buying and selling used electronic devices grew by leaps and pound. We are now proud to be the leading company in this expanding market. We have limitless amount of high-quality, cheaper and ready to use electronic devices.


Our mission is to...

Help you become limitless

Our goal is help your organization reach its true potential. We believe with the right tech equipment and IT team by your side, your chance to thrive amplifies. 

We help you find the best quality devices at the most affordable prices.  We also help you customize and configure your devices. 

We believe everyone deserves  the best tools to succeed.

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