5 Best Cases to Protect your Tablet

Did you get the best windows 10 tablet? The Surface Products are decent Windows 10 devices, but they do cost you a bit. With that said, please invest in a case to protect your investment. Following, we are mentioning a few cases you should take a look at. These cases protect your device. Don’t worry; they won’t break your bank. 

UAG Metropolis

A heavy-duty protector, this durable case features non-slip grip material. It snaps around the device tightly. Despite being a bit rugged, the case surprisingly doesn’t add much weight to your device. The kickstand on the back can be used in five different positions. The case is made available in different colors including cobalt, magma, black, pink, and more. If you take your best windows 10 tablet when you’re are traveling, then this case is a must for you.

ProCase Premium Folio

It consists of a leather exterior which is available in three different colors including brown, black and purple. There is some rather fancy stitching along the top to achieve a premium look. Don’t worry; all your ports are still accessible. There is even a surface pen holder to make sure you don’t lose your pen. 

Therefore, if you want a refined case for your best windows 10 tablet that can protect your device and can fit in any setting, then you better try the ProCase Premium Folio.

best windows 10 tablet

Fintie Folio

It’s an affordable option that comes with 11 different designs to choose from. The stand can change between 2 different angles. A synthetic vegan leather exterior can resist wear and tear. It makes sure you have access to every port.  It also features a built-in Surface Pen holder to keep the stylus in place. When closed, the case keeps shut, all thanks to the elastic strap inside. 

ESR Intelligent Series

If you are a professional and you want the case to say that, the ESR cover won’t disappoint you. It gives off an executive look while protecting your device. The design lets you adjust the kickstand just how you like it. There is a magnetic buckle; it’s responsible for keeping everything in its place. If you use the Surface Pen a lot, then you need to put it back in the loop every single time you use it, to make sure the pen doesn’t get lost. If you want to dress your best windows 10 tablet for the boardroom, the ESR Intelligent series won’t disappoint you. 

Incipio Octane Pure

The corners are laced with thick bumpers that offer you extra protection against drops. The TPU plastic is very capable of absorbing impact while keeping your device safe. The ports remain accessible, so does the back of your device. Don’t worry, it’s kept safe regardless. The cover protects your device against scratches even when you carry it around in a bag. You can still keep the full kickstand functionality. Don’t worry this case won’t add too much weight to your best windows 10 tablet.

Best Samsung Tablets with Keyboards

Do you want a 2 in 1 device with Android? If you do, then you have come to the right place. Following, we are going to introduce you to some of the tablet pc cheapest price. We mentioned everything you need to know about the following models!

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Set to be released on September 3, the Tab 6 is the next leading device from Samsung. Galaxy Tab S6 has got the masses excited, especially after they saw the Apple iPad Pro. If you care to attach a keyboard case, it will easily become the Tablet pc cheapest price.  It retails for $650 and is available for pre-order since August 23. There are two different RAM and Storage options; you can get the maximum, 8GB RAM and 256GB storage for an extra $80. The processor is Qualcomm 855 and battery life is rated for 15 hours.   

Samsung Galaxy Book 

This is a high-end detachable device from Samsung. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the Galaxy Book has become the new screen champion from the Korean tech giant.  It features a 12 inch Bright Super AMOLED display that supports vivid HDR content. The keyboard is comfortable to type on and the SSD is super-fast. For a premium price of $1,200, you are getting the best that Samsung has to offer. If you leave out the battery, it’s a strong contender to Surface Pro, except its Android. 

tablet pc cheapest price

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

Perhaps the best tablet introduced from Samsung. It has everything you would expect from a leading device from Samsung. The best thing about this device is it stayed true to its Android roots while everyone else was going with the Chrome OS. Apart from that, it has quad core processor, 4GB RAM and a desktop like UI in case you wanted to attach a keyboard and use it like a laptop. This is a cheaper alternative of Surface Pro Line; the only difference is that it runs on Android instead of Windows 10. Add a keyboard cover and it becomes the Tablet pc cheapest price.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5E

This is more of mid-range solution from Samsung. Everyone was expecting a leading device but instead they got a midrange solution. If you wanted to see what Samsung can do in the mid-range category, this is your chance.  The self-proclaimed Samsung’s answer to iPad Mini, it boasts some excellent features and raw power. You can attach a keyboard cover and it easily becomes one of the best Tablet pc cheapest price.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A10

This is another one of the cheaper options available from Samsung, if you wanted to see a $200 Samsung galaxy tablet, the A10 is your answer. It comes with some pretty nice features. Sure you are not getting the premium touch, but it’s still powerful enough to meet your daily needs. Make sure you find a decent keyboard cover that can literally fit with this device.

Best Upgraded Tablets for 2019

Not everybody wants an Apple iPad. Even though Apple’s business is constantly on the rise, the best 8-inch tablet still has plenty of appeal, most famously because of its smooth integration with the Google ecosystem. You can’t assume all Google android tablets are designed equally, even though, so it is far better to pin down precisely what you are searching for in a best 8 inch tablet before buying.


With a substantial lack of levels of competition at the best end of the Google Android tablet marketplace, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S collection continues to be predominant, and the particular S6 is actually the best launch yet. Taking a 2,560 x 1,600 pixel image resolution, the 10.5-inch Super AMOLED screen is usually the most effective you are likely to find. This particular display screen is bright, sharp, and a joy to watch films or play video games on. It even comes with an in-display fingerprint sensing unit. The 4 AKG-tuned audio speakers sit in each corner and aid Dolby Atmos Sound. 


In the event the Samsung Galaxy S6 is a bit too pricey, there’s a chance you’re enticed by the less expensive best 8-inch tablet S5e. It features exactly the same, outstanding 10.5-inch Extremely AMOLED screen with quad audio system, which makes it perfect for watching films or television shows. It is light-weight and lean, with a fingerprint sensing unit on the back side instead of in the display screen. The main difference is actually inside, exactly where the best 8 inch tablet S5e runs on the mid-range Snapdragon 670 processor chip. It’s available in a couple of variations, with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage space or 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage space.

Additionally, there is space for an SD card. It features the same 6,040mAh battery. Additionally, there is a single-lens 13-megapixel main camera as well as an 8-megapixel front-facing camera. 

best 8 inch tablet


This Amazon Fire HD 10 is easily the most cost-effective best 8 inch tablet on the list. It features a good display with an image resolution of 1,920 x 1,190 pixels that are in the middle of stereo audio speakers along with Dolby Audio support, which makes it a great device for watching films while you are out and about. The particular Fire HD 10 also works on dual-band Wi-Fi, so that you can get connected to both 2.5GHz as well as 5GHz Wi-Fi bands for fast data transfer rates. The best 8-inch tablet features a quad-core processor chip as well as 2GB of RAM. It is actually no speed devil; however, it has enough functionality taking into consideration the price tag.


The winner to Huawei’s MediaPad M3 has a great, sharp, and vibrant 10.8-inch display screen, which usually sport an image resolution of 2,560 x 1,800 pixels. It seems to be a high-quality best 8-inch tablet regardless of the cheap price. Additionally, there is a fingerprint sensing unit on the front side. The particular standout capabilities on this MediaPad M5 Pro is the stereo audio speakers, that have been co-engineered with Harman Kardon and sound good. The display screen tends to make a great movie watching experience.

How to convert a tablet into a laptop

Android tablet for cheap under 100 provides a better range of motion than laptop computers. However, they lack dedicated software and hardware aimed toward productiveness. The good thing is, it isn’t difficult reconfiguring Google Android with productivity custom remaking. It simply mandates some software adjustments and a computer keyboard.

What exact Hardware Transforms a Tablet into a Laptop computer?

This will depend on what you have to do. You will find there are a lot of accessories that may turn a tablet into a laptop computer. The ones that are least complicated to put together are wireless Bluetooth devices.

Software and Hardware for the Mobile Office

From all of the accessories available, one of the most helpful is a computer keyboard, which makes your android tablet for cheap under 100 a lot more like a Surface device. Android features support for computer keyboard shortcuts in Chrome as well as in some other applications. The particular default variety of shortcuts compares positively even with Microsoft Windows. For instance, “cut” continues to be CTRL+X.

Keyboard Support is Essential

A tablet is not truly a laptop replacement if you don’t have a keyboard for it, and that tends to make keyboard support an important part of the buying decision. You preferably want a tablet and keyboard blend that is pain-free to connect and a pleasure to type on.

The most effective tablets in this particular category normally have a keyboard-friendly connection such as the Apple iPad Pro and Surface Pro. The keyboard is going to be set the moment it is attached, will not need charging as well. The Surface Pro which is the best android tablet for cheap under 100, is the optional type cover computer keyboard regarded as the defacto standard, using its big, functional keys, a dependable track pad, and an easily-removed design and style that greatly improves as a display screen cover. The Apple iPad Pro’s Smart Keyboard is not on the exact same level. The fabric-like crucial covers can easily be off-putting, and there is no track pad, but it is still comfortable for extended typing. Equally important: You will find different keyboards such as Logitech’s Slim Combo which is $130 for the 10.5 inch Apple iPad.

Choose the display size very carefully

You are usually purchasing an android tablet for cheap under 100 for the versatility and flexibility it gives you over a laptop computer and that does not always mean going big.In case your goal is picking something more transportable than any typical laptop computer, you will usually be thinking about a tablet display screen between 9 and 11 inches. They are stream-lined enough at that dimensions to slip into a tote and light-weight enough that you will never mind using them portably. Simultaneously, they are generally big enough that you will never have to scrunch up your eyes at the display screen or cramp your fingertips on your small keyboard.

Your Step by Step Guide to Buy a Perfect Tablet

Do you want to buy the best tablet computer?

If yes, then we are going to give you some pointers you should keep in mind. These pointers can ultimately save your investment. Take the time to read the following points. They will help you make a well-informed decision when it comes to buying a tablet PC.

Mind the Size

When it comes to the best tablet computer, you should mind the size. If you are going to buy it for entertainment and content consumption, then you should look for a device that is big enough. A small tablet is anywhere between 6 to 9 inches. A medium tablet is about 9 to 11 inches; the size of the large tablet is 12 inches and more. You should ask the seller to show you tablets of different sizes. You should hold different sizes and consider which one is the most comfortable for you to use.

The Operating System

This is a tough choice, but it does boil down to your preferences. There are three options you have to choose from, the Android, iOS, and Windows 10. Every single one of these options has its strong points. 

If you want casual use with some professional use, then any of the iOS and Android tablets will do you well. If you are only buying the tablet for professional use, then you should buy Windows Tablet, these are all excellent choices nonetheless. 

Mind Your Budget

You should do it before you step into the market to buy almost anything. Once you have your OS and size, you should consider how much you are going to pay for the device. It helps you get the best tablet computer within your means. 

How long do you hope to keep the device? These are important questions you should answer before you start the hunt. It does depend on the make, model, and features. You can buy a decent tablet from anywhere $100-$400. So keep in mind how much you can afford to spend.

The Battery Life

The processor, display, RAM, and storage are important features. A mistake most people make when they choose a tablet device or a smartphone is they overlook the battery life. The issue is, tablets are large devices, so people assume the battery is large enough. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Be sure to do your research!

best tablet computer

Compare Features

Once you have everything we mentioned beforehand, you should compare different models and mind which does offer you better features and value in exchange for the money you pay. As a rule of thumb, you should mind expandable storage with MicroSD card.  It helps extend the shelf life of the product.

After you have something that offers you good value, look for build quality because you want the device to last you for a few years. You don’t want anything as fragile as glass. It won’t pay off!

Apple’s iPad vs. Samsung Galaxy Tabs – A comparison for beginners

Many people talk about different the different best tablet kids can use in their free time. Not only in free time entertainment but can they also use the tablets for their schoolwork. It is not something that you can just go and buy for them; instead, you should keep in mind that proper research is very important. Keep that in mind, and then buy the right one for your child.

This article is about the best tablet kids can have. Well, most of the times Apple tablets and Samsung tablets are debated as the most competent ones. We will have a comparison of their basic specifications to see which one is better for you to buy. 

  1. Operating System

Among the best tablet kids of Apple and Samsung, they offer iOS 12 and Android 8.1 Oreo operating systems for their tablets, respectively. You can see that both have their own separate operating systems that you can use. Check out both of them in detail and then choose the right one for your kid. Make sure that you do not forget the purpose of buying it, and keeping that in mind so you can choose the right one. 

  1. Storage Space

Apple and Samsung offer the storage space of 64GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB and 64GB, 256GB, respectively. First you need to know how much space you will need for the purpose you are buying it; then you can choose any of these. If it is just for entertainment purposes, then Samsung would be a better choice. If it’s for work, then Apple must be chosen. 

  1. Processor
best tablet kids

For the best tablet kids of Apple and Samsung, the processor of A12X Bionic and Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, respectively is used. Both of them serve the purpose of a good tablet, and you can choose to buy any of these if the workload is not too much on the tablet. According to most of the users, the Apple processor is stronger than the Samsung processor, so it’s better to choose the popular one. 


The best tablet kids must be bought with great care because not every tablet will serve you the purpose for which you are buying it for your child. You should never be in a hurry while doing this because you might buy the wrong one. Tablets are not gadgets that you can change easily, or buy a new one. Keep in mind your needs and the specifications you want.

5 Top Reasons to Own a Tablet

I want to find my tablet? The tablet that has cutting edge technology and that has brought about a dynamic revolution in all fields of life. It becomes an essential part of our life, and we are busy with it in doing our daily routines and enjoying entertainment as well. It needs to compose an official letter, documents corresponding through the computer.

I am searching for ways to find my tablet.  Productivity is a major concern of users. The tablet is a way to enhance the ability of productivity in them. It is a more enjoyable task and extremely creative activity for you. The use of modern technology enhances the efficiency of the device. Some of the reasons for using tablets are given below.

  1. Increases productivity 

Could I find my tablet? The modern innovation is the fastest way that helps to work quickly and efficiently. Here are some tips that will enable you to perform well and fast. These tips will make you perfect in raising the efficiency definitely. Get the proper knowledge of the tablet touch and virtual keyboard and meet them perfectly. Do the practice of using those keys with the movement of fingers. 

  1. Efficient and soft sensor

I love to find my tablet with an efficient and soft-touch sensor. The virtual keyboard buttons and the sensor are very significant; if you put your finger from one button, then you must keep it back immediately on the same button. Learn the proper use of fingers while typing on the keyboard as well as using the mouse. Keep on practicing, because only this is the key that can open the doors of success in all fields of life. Learn how to improve your speed in typing after getting perfection in the use of fingers.

find my tablet
  1. Offers good working experience

Offering the wonderful experience of working on a tablet is easily available online. It is good to find my tablet with these features.

  • It is very easy to clean and offers the durability
  • It is popular for the study material
  • Delivering wonderful entertainment by offering easy adjustment, it is innovative for convenience.
  • These are all easily available in the competitive prices
  • Offering exclusive quality for long term use.

Good browsing speed

The extreme benefit of this efficient tablet is that it radically helps to improve the working speed of the beginners. Moreover, it is efficient in enhancing the skill of working in a short period. It becomes the advantage of the employees and a great attraction for employers. 

Saves your Time

Time is a great beneficial factor in this matter. If you change your attention to the tablet and screen, it can be a time taking the job, and it may confuse you. You will have to divert your attention many times during work, and the chances of the mistakes can be increased.

5 Best Apps for Tablet’s Smooth Use

It doesn’t matter whether you are using tablets or some other PC; it is entirely expected that your gadget should be productive and work smoothly without garbage and undesirable records. The use of the DirecTV app for the android tablet is excellent for you. These records influence the presentation of your gadget, particularly the tablet gadgets and make them truly moderate. Subsequently, it is essential to free up the space of your tablet, but how? All things considered, there are various cleaning and enhancement programs which you could use to free up the space of your tablet. A considerable lot of people have no clue about the best and compelling enhancement programming for their tablet. Some of the more important apps are given below 


It is the top of the list and number one device-cleaning app and cleaning apparatus with good reason. Because of its stunning apparatuses and simple interface, this product has been named as “Result of the month” as of late by the Product Hunt. In any case, what makes this advancement programming so exceptional? With the installation of this app, you can run the DirecTV app quickly for android tablet.

Tracking app

Is this tablet for your kids? If it is, then it needs a tracking app. You can easily track activities on WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, Viber, social Chat, GPS locations, keystrokes, voice messages, clipboard history, website history, call history, surroundings, messages, voice, SMS messages, iMessages, and many more. In this way, you will track the DirecTV app for android tablet. 


The two versions of the jailbreak app are released for tablet users. This version is modified and upgraded a jailbreaking app that offers a variety of features. It brings several exciting and new features and upgrades with high-class performance. The performance of the Jailbreak is highly improved because it provides a variety of traits such as Memoji, management access, and many more. The jailbreak customizes Animoji feature that makes the iMessages more exciting and expressive. You will like its traits, including privacy, protection from cloud storage, Siri Shortcuts, photo sharing options, and screen time. It will improve the productivity of the directv app for android tablet.

DirecTV app for the android tablet

Gaming app 

Join your millions of friends and Facebook players around the attack world, raids and spins to develop your Viking village to the top. You need to travel via time to be the Coin Master. This game is about traveling through battle land and time to be the best Viking, Warrior, King, Pirate, and Hippie. You can use the DirecTV app for the android tablet with it.

Online Accounting Tool for professionals

It is a tool that is great for medium-sized or small business. The software handles its funds. The tool allows users to provide transaction details and many other functions. If your invoices are pending, then this tool allows you to take the print and check it straightaway from this tool. It offers easy access to the accounts of the business. You can connect your bank accounts to the QuickBooks. Isn’t it great that you can check fiscal records easily? It’s a user friendly tool that provides high-quality of the service.