List of Cheapest Tablets for Designers

There is a plethora of cheapest tablet computer available in the market particularly for designing and drawing purpose. It is now a challenge for artists and designers to determine the best tablet for themselves according to their use and preference. Tablets for designers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, along with several different functions and features. This also makes the decision difficult to make, especially for those who do not have a clear idea of what they are looking for. 

Some people probably want to get a basic drawing tablet just for their hobby to design. Apart from this, some want to get a perfect tablet for professional usage. In this article, we will let you know some best tablets for designers. 

  1. Wacom Intous Draw:

It is an ideal cheapest tablet computer for drawing certainly for beginner level users. Wacom tablet is one of the quality tablets developed for designers. It could be an accurate piece for beginner level designers for the value of money. This tablet comprises of all essential functionality, like the program Adobe Photoshop. 

  1. Huion H610 Pro V2:

It is another good name in the cheapest tablet computer for designers. It is up till the mark for its operation and sensitive working, its price range is perfect for its functionality. It comprises of a rechargeable pen, which makes things easier for designers. It is a good choice for pro-level designers, as it comes with 16 customizable hot cells along with this, 8 express keys are also provided. This tablet is accordant with operating systems of windows and Mac. This feature makes it flexible for all level of users. 

  1. Microsoft Surface Book 2:

It is the latest release from Microsoft. This tablet is the Ultrabook excessively high in the market. It has an extreme speed of processing. This tablet is a 2-in-1 device, perfect for designers. It is the cheapest tablet computer with great artistic looks which gives perfect designing. The Microsoft surface book 2 is a full version of Windows 210. It simply means that all the high priority programs can easily get installed in it. It makes it ideal for designers to install several designing apps. 

cheapest tablet computer
  1. Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 260:

It is a perfect cheapest tablet computer for those who want to get a tablet with a laptop feel. In actual means, it is a standard laptop with a hinge of 360 degrees. This feature makes it usable like a perfect tablet as well. 

This tablet/laptop is particularly made with designers in mind. It can easily have several designing and drawing apps installed for more productive designing. The most significant point is that, unlike most of the tablets having such features, it is much affordable in price. 

Designing is a critical thing to do and is not easy for everyone. For efficient results, it needs excellent features and a proper device. Getting these cheap tablets designed for the drawing will make things easier. You will love to use these devices for your artistical and designing tasks. 

How to buy a tablet when you’re budget is under 40 dollars?

Tablets are one of those technologies that emerged in the technology world and replaced laptops in no time. Why wouldn’t they? You can get everything from the compact tablets that you can from laptops. We all have a budget when we are out to buy tablets, suppose you want to buy cheap tablets under 40 dollars, you will focus on the tablets that have the price range between $40 yet you still want your tablet to be the best. 

Similarly, many companies are replacing the laptops with the tablets for their employees and it’s obvious because tablets can make work fun, and you can attain the attention of the customers by representing themselves as technology conscious. 

Tips for buying tablets in a budget

Stay focused on your budget

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to stay focused on your budget. Either you search the tablets online, or you go to the store to buy it, you will surely see other amazing tablets with the latest technologies and features, but their prices will be high. Do not let your mind and heart go for those tablets. 

Stay focused that you are here to buy cheap tablet under 40 dollars. If you stay focused on your set target, then you will surely find a good tablet with multiple features within your budget. You might have to search more, but by the end of the day, you will be having the best yet cheap tablets under 40 dollars in your hands. 

Know the features you want in your device

You must be aware that what features you want to there in your new tablet because instead of heading towards the pricy tablets, you will find those tablets that have the features you are searching for. It is not important to get every latest technology in your tablet, you need to define for what purpose you are finding cheap tablets under 40 dollars and then go for those tablets that might not have other latest functioning, but they do have the features you want the most. 

For instance, if you are buying a tablet for office work, then it needs to come with the features you are going to be using the most at your office, like MS excel, MS word, and maybe PowerPoint. You can get these features in almost all the tablets, so why would you prefer to buy expensive tablets instead of buying cheap tablets under 40 dollars? 

Buy from online stores

One of the best ways to stay in budget and getting the right thing is to buy the tablets from trusted online stores like Walmart, Amazon, and others. The benefit of buying the tablets from online stores is that they have deals and offers for the customers, and you can easily buy whatever you want within your budget. You might not find any cheap tablets under 40 dollars instantly on these sites but keep trying and checking time to time because I bet that you are surely going to get good and latest tablets from these sites within your budget.

What is best for you? 7 Inch or 12 Inch Tablet

Are you confused about the choice of the tablets? Deciding on the right screen size of a table is critical. Which mid android 9-inch tablet is the best to buy? Is some other tablet right for you? The choice to go large, small, or medium screen depends on what you need to use a tablet for. This decision depends on your budget and where you will be using this tablet. The first step is selecting the operating system before choosing the right display. 

Once you have made a decision, it is good to consider how big a gadget to buy. There are some basic things to know about buying a tablet that all tablets are for casual gaming, email, social networking, web surfing, and others. There are some other tablets that only become practical with a large screen. Some people use a mid-android 9-inch tablet. The majority of the users prefer smaller tablets like 7-inch tablet. It depends on your use because the majority of the people use the tablets for web surfing or viewing images, documents, and other things on the screen

Is a 7-inch screen better for you?

cheap android tablet wholesale

Tablets are smaller in size and are portable devices. If you buy a mid-android 9-inch tablet, then it is not much bigger than the 7 inch one. The 7-inch screen tablet is lightweight and small enough to fit into a bag or purse. These are not very expensive items. The choice of model and brand depends on the user’s requirements. These tablets are highly suitable for plenty of tasks. A 7-inch tablet is highly convenient to read eBooks. The tablets of this size are lighter, but these are not good for spreadsheets, word processors, running productivity, watching long videos, high-end-gaming, etc. 

The use of the mid android 9-inch tablet is better because these 7-inch tablets are smaller and contain a slower processor. These are “lean back gadgets”, utilized to consume content instead of creating it. Using the keyboard onscreen, the models are similar to a smartphone for typing. You can hold the device and type with thumbs. It is easy in the landscape mode as the keys are bigger. 

Is 12-inch Screen Better for you?

With the bigger screen that 10-inches tablets are developed to be laptop alternative. These are built to target 9-inch business users or professionals. It is designed to offer a focus on productivity. It is good to work with 7-inch multiple applications at the same time. For the majority of the professionals, the tablet/laptop is famous for the majority. 

These tablets are full size, and you can easily handle all full range tasks that you need to do on the computer or laptops. It is a better choice for you from the basic email and internet to the most demanding tools and software for the business. Games are not suitable to play on these laptops. For playing game, the mid android 9-inch tablet is better.

Your Simple Guide to Buying A Tablet

People rush into buying tablets whenever they find cheap android tablets for sale. However, the price of the tablet is not the only criteria on which the decision to buy the tablet should be based on. There is a lot more to consider before buying a tablet. 

As a matter of fact, buying a tablet is not very easy. Many people make a mistake, and then it costs them a lot when they opt for an unreliable tablet with very limited features at a very high price.

 Here is a simple guide to buying a tablet for those who are wishing to buy a tablet with plenty of the best features at a very affordable price. 

  • Consider the size of the tablet:

Although it is not advisable to consider the cheapness of the tablet only when deciding to buy one, you can still make a wise decision when you think of buying one of the cheap android tablets for sale. If the price still matters to you, go for the tablet with a screen size of 6 to 8 inches. You can easily fit your small tablet into your wallet, purse, or pocket. 

However, if you need a speedy processor with large screen size, you will have to spend more. Also, consider your tablet usage before deciding which size of the tablet you actually need. 

  • Consider the operating system you like:

When you see stores having plenty of cheap android tablets for sale, you can ask the retailer about the operating system of these tablets. You should find the tablet with the operating system, which is in line with your needs. Whether you need a tablet with iOS or Google Android, decide wisely.

All software has many unique features associated with it. Many people like using Windows on tablets while some also make a compromise with the Amazon Fire OS when they find a tablet with affordable price and decent features

  • Think about your budget:

You can find a different tablet if you are on a tight budget than what you could have gotten with a high budget. It is advisable to go for the section of the store with cheap android tablets for sale. You can buy a tablet with a relatively smaller screen size with a low budget. If you don’t want to make a compromise on screen size, then you can get a tablet of big-screen size at low price lacking many features. 

  • Read the reviews of the tablet you are thinking to buy:

There are many cheap android tablets for sale in the store which are very attractive because of the price. As we mentioned earlier, you should never let yourself get impressed with the price alone. If you have found a tablet that you think suits your needs, connect your mobile to the internet, and read some reviews on the internet right away. If it is not easy to make an immediate decision on the basis of reviews, you can go back home and read the reviews in detail before buying. 

What is the Best OS for Tablets – Android, Windows, or iOS?

If you want to buy a device wacom tablet driver, which OS is the best for you?

It’s difficult to understand and following we are going to give you a brief guide that will help you understand which OS is better for you. The following will help you! 

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft deserves the credit for inventing Tablet PC. Yes, the company has been offering Tablets with Windows XP since 2004. However, tablets didn’t enjoy success before the debut of the iPad. Steve Jobs revolutionized the idea of Tablet PC.

For some reason, Microsoft was the underdog in Tablet PC world. It quickly changed with the introduction of the Surface device line. The Surface product line is meant for professionals and it comes as a premium device; the wacom tablet driver has nothing to do with it. 

There was a demand for an affordable Surface tablet, and Microsoft has heard it. Recently it released the Surface Go; it’s an affordable variant of Surface Go Pro. Few other companies are offering tablets with Windows 10 OS. There are no limitations here if you attach a keyboard, your tablet will function as a laptop, no jokes here. 

Google Android 

Android tablets use wacom tablet driver more than other OS. Android tablets have their fair share in the tablet market. These tablets are meant for casual use.  Android is a functional and productive device. These tablets offer a great price to performance ratio. 

Android is easy to learn to use, but it’s not as polished as iOS. Several companies use the Android OS. These companies give users a lot of options to choose from. The screen size ranges from 6 inches to 13 inches. 

Several companies offer 7-inch android base, models. Some cheap models perform well; you can find these devices for under $100.  Android was created for smartphones, just like iOS was created originally for iPhones. This OS was later customized for tablet platform. If you don’t have a lot of money, and you need a tablet for general use, then you are better off with an affordable Android tablet. 

Apple iOS 

Apple has been leading the tablet sector for quite a while and for good reason. It’s easy to learn and use. There is a massive selection of third-party apps. There are a million apps in the Apple Store. These apps cover several categories, from productivity to games.

Apple features three sizes; the iPad Pro comes in two sizes, 12.9 inch and 10.5inches. The standard iPad has 9.7 inches, and the iPad mini has 7.9 inches. There are also 2 in 1 devices that let you change your tablet into a laptop.

The OS has some limitations as compared to laptops or desktops. There is no universal file browser. Every application has its collection. However, iOS has support for displaying two applications at once. The next version did bring a better version. Recently, Microsoft released Office for iPad. This helped improve the productivity of these tablets, without wacom tablet driver. 

where is the cheapest tablet

Amazon New Tablet Features to enhance Reading

Do you enjoy reading and want to buy a tablet that makes your reading much easier? Do you want to find the answer to where is the cheapest tablet that offers you this facility? If yes, then you will find all the answers here.

How Amazon Fire Facilitates readers

Offers audio books

The best tablet that fulfills your reading requirements is Amazon Fire. It has a lot of features to facilitate your reading. The best thing about the Amazon network is that you can get a hold of audio books by Audible.

All you need to do is install the Audible application on Amazon Fire to listen to the audio books.

Allows easy navigation

The truth is that you can only enjoy reading using a tablet when you can zoom in and zoom out whenever you feel the need to and navigate from one page to another. Amazon Fire offers you all these facilities, so you can look forward to reading when you have Amazon Fire.

However, the cost is also a factor when you want to buy a tablet for reading. If you are surfing the net with the keyword where is the cheapest android tablet, then Amazon Fire is bound to fit in your affordability bracket as well.

Offers great readibility

 When you are reading books, the format also makes a difference. For example, when you are reading a pdf, then it becomes difficult to resize the text. In this case, you will prefer a tablet that contributes to the readability.

Amazon Fire is a reasonable choice because it is available in 7, 8, and 10 inch screens. If you want to read text books, Amazon Fire should be your preference because you can read with ease because of the large screen.

As a reader, you should not just try to find the answer to where is the cheapest tablet? If you are just focused on the price, then chances are that you will miss out on some essential features.

 Has a large memory

 When you want to use a tablet like Amazon Fire for reading, then the best feature is that the tablet has a large memory too, and this means that you can keep a large collection of books on your tablet.

When you invest in a tablet, then you want to go for the one that addresses the needs of the entire family. Amazon Fire is an ideal option when you want to read out books to children. Children want to read books that are interactive and animation, and Fire has the features that support animation.

The conclusion is that apart from searching the keyword where is the cheapest tablet, you should search for a tablet that has diversity. Amazon Fire lives up to this criteria.

The best approach is that you should explore the features of Amazon Fire before buying it. It will not be a bad idea to compare it with other tablets available in the market so that you have a clear idea of what is coming your way.

Remember, when selecting a tablet, your preference should not be where is the cheapest tablet, your preference should be the features of the tablet.

how to reset Samsung tablet

How to Track your Kids’ Tablet Use

How to reset Samsung Tablet?

Before we discuss that, it’s time we explain how you can track someone else’s tablet use with and without a spying app. It will help you keep track of someone’s activity without a hitch. These guidelines will help you understand how to track someone. 

Android Device Manager

There are big changes you are familiar with Android Manager. Well, this is not the perfect solution for spying, but it supports the basic functions of keeping tabs on someone:

  • Tracking the Location of Tablet
  • Make it Ring
  • Lock the Device 
  • Erase the device data

Android Device manager is a default app. It is also known as Find My Device; this is easy to use as it comes activated in most Android devices. You don’t need any installation. Just make sure your target device is connected to the internet. This way, you can access the device with credentials. 

You can use it from a web browser, or you can tab the Google Account credentials related with the Android device you want to spy on. There is also a third way, the screen will show you a map, it indicates the location of the table, and you can do whatever you want with it.

Google Timeline

If you want to spy on a tablet besides knowing how to reset Samsung tablet, you have come to the right place.  The procedure we are going to discuss now is called the Route History; it’s also called Your Timeline.  It works with Google Account just as Android Device Manager. For this device to work, the target device has to be connected to the internet. The location option has to be enabled. You will need to access Google Account credentials of the target device.  Just do the following:

  • Open Google Maps in Browser
  • Sign in with Google Account Connected to Android 
  • Click on Menu from the top left side of the screen
  • Click on Timeline
  • It will show the timeline of what the target was using their tablet last time  
  • To view the web history, click on Menu, Your Places and Visited

Which One is Better One?

Once you know How to reset android tablet, the methods mentioned above don’t need you to the installation of some app. If you want to spy on someone’s tablet, you can see everything stored on their device. You can see chatting, location, web history, and much more, all without installing a third party spy app. However, you will need to access the device for a while physically. 

You need to make some adjustments to assure you can track the target tablet without any issue.

The advent of Spying Apps

Several things make us curious now and then. Mobile spying apps can help find answers. These apps often come bundled with additional features. Some of these features help you for how to reset Samsung  android tablet. In short, they are worth the price you pay. 

How to Screenshot on Samsung Tablet

Choosing the Right Tablet to make your Artwork Better

Do you want to know How to Screenshot on Samsung Tablet?

We will show you how to do it. However, it’s time we discuss the best tablets available for artists and creative professionals. Otherwise, why would you need to take a screenshot?

IPad Pro (12.9 inches)

The 2018 version of iPad came along with a lot of improvements. The Device comes at $999, if you want the 11-inch version, you can find it at $799. The iPad Pro comes with Apple Pencil, 2nd Generation.

Honestly, Apple did a fine job with iPad Pro. It’s an excellent device if you want to create fully finished artwork on a device using professional tools. You can use it as a laptop if you connect a keyboard with this device. The Apple Pro gives Microsoft Surface Pro tough competition.

IPad Mini (2019)

 If you don’t have money for the iPad Pro, then you are better off with the iPad Air. The 64 GB comes for $499, and you can grab the 256GB version for only $649. The device features a 10.5-inch screen with iOS 12. The only downside is this device connects with Apple Pencil 1st Generation.  

Apple says the new iPad Air isn’t designed for Pro Artists and Designers. This tablet sits between the standard iPad and iPad free with decent features. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

If you wanted to know how to screenshot on Samsung Tablet, now is the time! This is one of the best Android tablets you can buy. It features a 9.7-inch display with Android 7.0 (Nougat) and Stylus S Pen support. 

The best rival of Apple is producing some quality stuff. If you are an Android fan and you want a bang for your money, this tablet is the one for you. It’s an ideal tool for artists as it has a far better stylus or pen than Apple. 

Microsoft Surface Pro 5

This is the first Microsoft Windows 10 device.  Microsoft impressed us all with the Surface Pro lineup. These are tablet PCs that can replace a fully functional desktop or laptop. The design is sturdy. However, this tablet is a bit chunky as compared to other models. 

The device packs some serious power considering its size. The pen is up to par with Apple and Samsung, but it doesn’t come included in the box if you were expecting it to.

Wacom MobileStudio Pro

This is perhaps the most expensive device on our list. It starts at $2,999 and features a 13.3 inch or 15.6-inch screen. The OS is Windows 10 and stylus is Wacom Pro Pen 2. This is one of the best tablets there is out the creative and artistic users. The pencil offered with this tab is at least two times better as compared to Samsung’s stylus. It shows 96% of Adobe RGB; this is the highest RGB rating you can find in the tablet market space. The best thing is, Wacom pens don’t need charging. They can help you for How to Screenshot on android Tablet.

cheap tablets computers k

How to Find a Cheap Tablet Online

Are you looking for cheap tablets computers k? If you are looking for such a device in a market, you should know what specs to get in your price range. If you are looking for an affordable option, following we are giving you a few suggestions. 

Display and Size

The size is important. Tablets are portable, but they come in various sizes. Even cheap tablets computers k are available from 6.5 screen inch size to 14-inch screen. There are a lot to choose from, small sizes start from 6 inches up to 9 inches. Medium sizes start from 10 inches and end at 12 inches. Anything larger than 12 inch is large. You should hold all these sizes to see which one will suit you best. 

Apart from size, the resolution of the display is also important. You don’t want a TFT panel, it looks terrible. Apple has excellent Retina Display; Samsung is competing with AMOLED and Super AMOLED display. Microsoft is not left behind; the Surface Devices have excellent display units as well. 


Right now, you have three choices, Android, Windows, and iOS. If you want something for casual use or light work, then Android will suffice you. If you want something for casual use with decent work, then iOS devices will suit you best. In case you are buying a tablet only for professional use, but you needed more portability than a laptop, then you better buy a Microsoft Windows 10 tablet. They will see you through nicely. Make your mind before you look for cheap  android tablets computers .

Performance and Upgrades

You want a device that can run the latest version of whatever OS it supports. You need something with at least 2GB RAM and multi-core processor (quad-core at least). Single core processor and 1GB RAM won’t suffice you today. The OS and apps are too powerful for these specs. 

The storage is important, but it’s also important if you can expand it later. There was a time when 8GB and 16GB used to be enough, but this is not the case now. Today you need buy at least 32GB which can be expanded with MicroSD storage. You don’t want to get stuck with what mere storage you have; you will find it lacking very soon. 

Battery Life, Connectivity, Storage

Battery Life plays an important role in the portability of a device. If a device is compact and lightweight, but it can last long without an AC plug, then the device is useless. You need to find something that lasts for at least 6 to 8 hours. 

Wifi, Bluetooth, GSM, and 4G are basic connectivity; you should look for these in a device. Make sure the Bluetooth and Wifi are fast enough. You don’t want these options to lag you down. 

Once again, you need expandable storage! If you don’t have expandable storage, your device is might as well be useless. So you should have expandable storage, the built-in storage of your device shouldn’t be less than 32GB; it won’t hold updates long in the future. It’s important for best cheap tablets computers K

4 Best Tablets to Boost your Trade Show

If you are a regular tablet user, then you are aware of the fact that tablets are now known as one of the most effective tools in the business. Business owners have adopted a trend to use the tablets at the workplace, and for that reason they are moving towards buying cheap tablet wholesale because no one likes to spend too much money. Instead of buying the tablets one by one, it is good to buy the tablets all at once when the company displays the wholesale offers. 

You can’t even imagine what kind of advantages you can get from this tiny technology. Tablets are now getting the top of the show and are trending in the trade shows as well. By holding a tablet in your hand or by putting such technology on the booth, you can deliver an interactive user experience that can take your trade show to another level. 

Tablets can be used at that time as a tool to share some information about the products you want to sell. You can collect the customer experiences on the tablets and improve your trade shows. In other words, the tablets are known as the silent sales tool at trade shows. You should never leave an option to buy cheap tablet wholesale whenever the offers are introduced by famous companies. Buying tablets at whole pricing saves a lot of your money and still, you can get full fledge benefits of the technology. 

The best tablets for trade shows 

All tablets are good at their own features, but the below four mentioned tablets are the best if you want to buy them to boost your trade shows. The companies mentioned below offer deals time to time for the buyer to get cheap tablets wholesale to save their money:

Galaxy tab S5e

Samsung’s technology is one of the most effective and liked technology by most people. All the innovative technology introduced by Samsung has always been proven the best when it comes to customer satisfaction. Samsung also offers Galaxy Tab Se5 as a cheap android tablet wholesale to let people buy these tablets to boost their trade shows by using their amazing products. 

Galaxy tabs A 10.1.”

The Galaxy Tab A is another perfect option to have at trade shows. The tablet has such a wide screen that makes it easier for you to show the visitors the videos related to your product and make more chances for your sale. The tablet has such fine picture resolution that the images displayed on it are liked very much by people as it shows them by enhancing the eye catching points. 

HUAWEI MediaPad M5 8.4

Huawei is another company that offers many amazing offers to their customers to buy cheap tablets wholesale. Other than that, their tablet rates are so inexpensive that you can get amazing features at cheap rates easily. Huawei tablets have dual stereo speakers that give 3D sound to the listener. The screen quality is good enough to display good quality images to the viewers. 

Huawei MediaPad M5lite

Another great option offered by Huawei is the Huawei MediaPad. This tablet has 8” screen and has a good battery life.