How to Choose a Best Tablet Under $100

If you are searching for a machine that allows you to get productive on the go, or you prefer to enjoy Tv programs and videos on a bigger display screen than your phone offers, or you want to know where to get a cheap tablet, then you will need to get a tablet pc,

Tablet pcs are getting more recognition these days. They’re considered the right options to laptops and desktop computers, particularly if you are invariably on the go.

where to get a cheap tablet


This Amazon Fire High definition 8 Tablet pc has become the best-selling tab under a hundred dollars you will get from a noticeable brand. It comes with a 2MP rear-facing digital camera great for capturing the unforgettable moments.

It is additionally perfect for recording video clips in as much as 720p at thirty frames per second. The same as its forerunners, the Fire High definition 8 features a first-rate color quality having a 1280x800p high-definition image resolution. With Fire High definition 8, you will get the chance to take pleasure in all your beloved movies or Tv programs in a sharp, apparent High definition image resolution with less brightness.


Lenovo is recognized as one of the best Computer manufacturers all over the world, and also the series of tablet pc available for sale are usually exceptional. The Lenovo Tab 8-Inch   is actually regarded as the most beneficial quad-core processor tablet pc under 100 bucks.

It comes pre-installed with Google android 7.1 Nougat along with a full suite of Google applications. This particular 8-inches tablet pc has a High definition screen with a 1280x800p image resolution. This device has a 5MP rear-facing camera as well as 2MP front-facing camera, which enables you to get high-quality shots in outdoor conditions.


Samsung has become the best most in-demand and most trustworthy mobile phone suppliers, and their tablet pcs have dominated the mobile phone market due to their exceptional performance and dependability.

Now, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7 is known as one of the greatest economic tablets pcs under $100 that feels remarkably light, portable, and comfortable. 


This Ematic Genesis Tablet pc has become the best Google android Jelly Bean tablet pcs under $100. This particular streamlined tablet pc provides you with tons of leisure when you need it through Google Play’s limitless selection of music, movies, apps, books, and much more.


We are all finding this Fusion5 10.1” Android 8.1 Oreo as a fairly incredible tablet pc when it comes to purchasing a cheap tablet, due to its fast response capacity and large display screen it is very cost-effective price tag.

Why people prefer tablets over smartphones

In today’s world, almost all things are dependent upon technology. With the latest technologies, most companies are now in search of an efficient yet cheap android tablet with GPS for their employees. Smartphones do have their own importance in everyone’s GPS, but if we put some light on tablet, we could see how tablets are slowly overcoming the smartphones.

Smartphones are important for making calls and staying connected with others, but now it can be done with tablets as well. There are multiple tablets available on the market that have sim ports as well, and could be used for making calls.   

There are many reasons for which people choose tablets over smartphones, some of them are listed below:

cheap android tablet with GPS

Tablets are pocket-friendly

We all know that tablets are much lighter and less expensive than smartphones — and not to mention Pocket-friendly as well. Android tablets are improving more and more day by day, and you can get a cheap android tablet with GPS for yourself at an affordable price through online websites. 

Most of the smartphones, such as IOS smartphones are comparatively 2 times more expensive than your budget tablet. It is a better option to get your hands on something that is under your budget and provides you with similar features that smartphones provide. This is one of the major reasons that people now prefer to buy tablets over smartphones. 

Tablets have a good battery life 

This is the reason why tablets are the best option for the workplace. Compared to smartphones, tablets have good battery life. You can charge your tablet once and then use it for 10-11 hours. Their overall battery strength is much better than smartphones. 

As you might know, when you use your smartphone for continuously, it starts getting heated. This does not happen with the tablets. This is why it is recommended to buy cheap android tablets with GPS feature for office use.

Better for navigation 

With a wider screen than a smartphone, tablets have the capability to provide you with a bigger screen to view directions – this makes it easier to follow and stay on track. You can get a clear view of the directions while driving. You can keep the tablet on the holder and sit back to watch the directions easily. 

Moreover, if you are a traveler, the tablet has an amazing GPS feature. The android tablets with GPS features, are strong enough to catch the signals faster than the smartphone GPS feature. 

Tablets are flexible 

Tablets have more advanced and GPS partners of cell phones. Practically every one of the tablets can shoot recordings, take photographs, just as encourage conferencing or video visits. Moreover, they are currently being named as the E-perusers that store a whole library of books in a hurry. For such people, multiple offers for cheap android tablet with GPS are displayed on online stores, such as Amazon, Walmart, etc.

Why Do you need a Tablet if you are a blogger?

Life of a blogger is incomplete without a tablet. For a blogger, the  7 inch android tablet can be an affordable option. However, 10-inch tablets are available for you. It doesn’t mean to avoid laptops of PC for work. Remember, it is essential to purchase a large-screen tablet. With this slate, you can manage your work under different circumstances. See the point below to realize the importance of tablets for bloggers.

Portable during Travel

Blogging is not an easy job because you have to do lots of research work and traveling. You can’t determine your working hours. A blogger with a tablet can travel without any stress. In the presence of the  7 inch android tablet, you can manage your work on a car, bus or train. 

best cheap 7 inch android tablet

Portable and Lightweight

Tablets are famous among bloggers and other professionals for its lightweight. These slates can occupy limited space. If you want to become a successful blogger, start your journey with a tablet. Remember, bloggers have to work in different locations. With a tablet, you can maintain a smooth workflow.

Comfortable Typing

For typing jobs, people find it impossible to use a tablet. Nowadays, hardware keyboards are available to use with tablets. Feel free to buy one to comfortably type emails and other documents. Comfort is an essential factor to consider when buying the  7 inch android tablet.

Nowadays, 2-in1 devices are available with a stylus and a keyboard. These advanced slates can replace laptops. In the presence of a tablet, your blog will not miss an update.

Best Tablets for Bloggers.

If you want to buy the best tablet for your blogging job, here are some great choices. These are affordable and handy.

Google Pixel C

With this latest entry, bloggers can keep their laptops at home. It features a high-end design and bright screen. This slate is portable to play games, draft emails, and write a blog post. Moreover, you can play your favorite games on its HD screen. If you are looking for the best cheap 7 inch android tablet, feel free to consider this option. 

Apple iPad Air 

Buy Air and Air 2 with an anti-reflective coating and retina display. With its unique screen, there is no need to worry about outdoor glare. This slate is perfect for games, photo editing, and videos with its high-end graphics. If you need a tablet for video editing, consider this slate.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

If you need a reliable replacement of iPad, consider this revolutionary product. With a large screen and slim design, you can use this device for photography work, blogging, and designing work. Unlike the  7 inch android tabletit can be an expensive device.

Amazon Fire HDX

Amazon launches its tablets with patented Firefly function and audio-enhancing technology. It can identify different items. Feel free to use Amazon Prime to stream and download movies. Remember, it can be an ideal choice for families, children, and bloggers

Go Wireless With your Android Tablet With these Accessories

As you probably are well aware, the usage of additional accessories with your high and low cost android tablets upgrades its highlights and brings out greater usefulness. We have numerous cutting edge contraptions falling into the classification of wired or remote devices. The most recent pattern of innovation as of this age is moving from tangled wires into an age whereby a considerable lot of the tablets utilize wireless gadgets.

Jelly Comb collapsing Bluetooth Keyboard

It is for sure a supportive accessory that enables you to boost the usefulness of either your cell phone or tablet with only a straightforward Bluetooth connection. It gets created out of an aluminum material which empowers it to be impervious to scrapes and gives the device some firmness. 

The best point worth mentioning here about this wireless device is that it can get attached with low cost android tablets as well.

Low cost android tablets

MPOW smaller than expected Bluetooth earpiece 

Appreciate the nature of streaming music through earbuds fused with wireless technology with the Mpow Bluetooth small scale earpiece. It is a valuable current gadget with size measurements 3 x 2.9 x 0.9 inches and weighs 0.16 pounds. The advanced remote connection for cell phones utilizes a Bluetooth 4.1 +EDR to connect the item to a device. This cutting edge device is a smooth, small, fit, and adaptable gadget which may not get seen when being used. Since it’s a single earpiece, you get the chance to know about the happenings around your surroundings.  

Seagate Wireless Plus: Additional extra space in Tablets

More often than not, Our tablets especially low cost android tablets, utilize smaller hard drives which doesn’t enable us to store enough images and media. With a wireless hard disk like the Seagate Wireless Plus, you get the opportunity to have additional outer extra space aside that of your telephone/tablet’s principle memory. This valuable new device accompanies size elements of 5.0 x 3.5 x 0.78 inches and weighs 0.56 pounds. This gadget depends on WiFi and USB for the network. With this versatile device, you get the chance to stream computerized media, (for example, recordings, music, and different documents) to your tablet.

8BITDO Mini Zero Bluetooth Gamepad for Tablets and Smartphones

Experience great gaming with the 8BitDo smaller than normal zero Bluetooth gamepad, which is one of the must-have remote devices for tablets or cell phones. This helpful present-day device is a wireless device for Tablets that utilizes Bluetooth technology for its connection. It also works with low cost android tablets as it is organized to adjust to Android working framework. It features ten buttons which you can utilize to control your gaming knowledge. 

Bose Soundlink Mini: Wireless Amplifier 

The BOSE Company has confidence in the intensity of sound to move you. This helpful present-day device is a wireless amplifier that depends on the intensity of the Bluetooth innovation to connect with either your cell phone or tablet. The remote device for cell phones conveys the best  acoustic sounds ever. It has a battery life of as long as 10 hours which permits it to stream music unendingly. This remote device is intended to be light and versatile, making it great for on the go travel.

How to connect your tablet to the TV?

Now you can share video clips, films, games and pictures to the big screen in your house. It is possible to connect an android tablet for cheap under 100 with your TV. Tablets are becoming famous to watch films and TV with. These are becoming better than big screens for instant enjoyment. Remember, you can enjoy the same content on TV by connecting your tablet and TV.

After connecting your tablet with a PC, it will be easy for you to play games, use different apps to stream videos, and show off photographs of an important event. You can use tablets to enjoy car racing games. To establish a secure connection, buy a micro HDMI port. It will help you to connect your TV quickly. To connect an android tablet for cheap under 100, you must have the right equipment.

android tablet for cheap under 100

Arrange Desired Equipment

You have to connect your tablet with HDMI ports of a flat-screen TV. Without micro HDMI ports, it can be impossible to connect both devices. Make sure to check with your manufacturer to find out the compatibility level of your tablet.

In the presence of micro HDMI ports, you have to check HDMI input ports on your TV. For an android-powered tablet, you can connect them with HDMI to HDMI cable. Feel free to buy these cables from an electronics retailer.

For a secure connection between an android tablet for cheap under 100 and a TV, you will need a long cable. The HDMI cable must have sufficient length. Long cables can be expensive, but these can make your life easy. You can use a tablet similar to remote controls. For gaming, you will need a cable of suitable length.

Connect Apple iPads

The iPad doesn’t have an HDMI output. For this reason, you will need an adapter along with a cable to plug into charging port of iPad. With an old iPad, you may need an HDMI adapter for a 30-pin charger port. Several iPads come with a small port, such as a lightning connector.

Feel free to buy an adapter from the manufacturer to decrease technical headaches. Buy a compatible adapter and cable to avoid possible issues. Some cheap cables can increase the chances of compatibility issue.

Connect a Tablet to TV

Connect the small end of your HDMI cable to an android tablet for cheap under 100. Make sure to use an adapter for Android tablet or Apple iPad in the absence of an HDMI port. Make sure to connect the big end to an HDMI port on the TV.

You have to change your TV over to the perfect HDMI source. In this case, you have to press a source button on the remote and choose HDMI. With numerous HDMI ports connecting Xbox and TV, you have to scroll through different HDMI channels and find the right one.If the picture is skewed or blurry, you can sort out this problem by giving a wiggle to the HDMI cable. Make sure to make it is properly connected. The android tablet for cheap under 100 allows you to enjoy your favorite programs.

Why Use Tablet Gloves and Which to Buy

In order to get the most from the graphics tablet, you must have minimal friction between the hand and the display screen. You’ll find nothing worse than experiencing skin lug which impacts the operation of the graphics tablet and stylus pen.

If you are looking for the answer to where is the cheapest tablet, then to get over that problem you could possibly use a good artist’s glove, which not only makes your hands glide over the display screen surface but additionally keeps the display clean and dirt free.

Glove style and design

The gloves are incredibly comfortable on your hands and unlike standard gloves only protect the thumbs and small finger enabling optimum versatility for drawing while keeping a practically frictionless experience. The gloves tend to be fashionable and sturdy and easily cleanable to make sure they can certainly be maintained completely clean on your drawing surface.

The only real critique I could come across is that the gloves simply come in a single size. This won’t be an issue for most users as they come in a reasonable size. On the other hand, a few artists with small hands and fingers have observed slight movements within the gloves which are a thing to make a note of.

cheapest tablet

How much do these gloves cost?

If you are looking for where is the cheapest tablet gloves, then these gloves can either be bought as a solitary glove, which for the Yiynova ends up around $15 and would seem to be the reasonable approach to purchase as they will certainly fit either hand. On the other hand, for yet another $10 you receive the pair, which allows both of your hands the same protection and offers a well-balanced feel while drawing.

Is a sketching glove a good investment?

To know where is the cheapest tablet gloves and in what price, it’s a small price to make sure you get the very best practical experience possible for sketching. Once you put your tablet sketching glove on it will certainly rework you straight to ‘work mode’ thus making you feel like an expert artist before you even use your stylus pen! It is an advisable buy for any kind of graphics tablet PC artist who takes their sketching seriously. 

The particular road test results

The final results were very good because it was fairly apparent from the start that the gloves lycra/spandex content significantly reduced display screen friction between the particular small finger and plastic display surface area. It makes it possible for the hands to do what it really does finest and draw without disturbance from any skin lug and the imaginative mind to do what it really does best without uncomfortable diversion from unwanted feelings. The materials didn’t overheat the hands, and even right after a protracted drawing session it was found to be really suitable. In fact it felt like an additional skin rather than just a glove. It’s also good to keep in mind that these gloves can also be helpful for typical drawing on paper because it cuts down “sweat smudging” and helps to keep your hands free from ink and pencil stains.

5 Tablets with Front-Facing Speakers In 2019

Tablet PC inspirations are different, which usually means varied styles in return. Therefore, finding the right tablet PC available on the market isn’t an easy purchasing decision. Where get cheap tablets? Having said that, it is possible to make your decision on several factors such as shape, price, and size.

Different purchasers have many other extra specs that they think about before choosing the most effective device to get. They usually range from design and style features such as control keys, camera lenses placement, and peripheral devices. In this particular age, where listening to songs and actively playing various kinds of other media, the particular position of the audio speakers is a substantial element to consider as well as knowing where get cheap tablets. With the majority of people choosing front-facing speakers, many companies have attempted to make fast-selling models.

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 – HD 8″

This Lenovo Yoga HD Android Tab 3 includes a large 8-inch display screen improved to keep things interesting. With front audio speakers, long battery life, and a new 10-point multitouch shape, your practical experience is improved; regardless of if you are doing work or staying entertained.

The Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 8 inch tablet PC sports a combination of innovation and class with a design and style that commands and speaks immersive experience for the particular user. It’s equipped with a battery pack that can easily last for an entire day before it drains. With a couple of most rarified functions in the tablet, a clear, crisp camera, and potent two front-facing speakers, this tablet provides stability of advancement and performance.

cheap tablets

ASUS ZenPad 10 Z300M

When it comes to knowing where get cheap tablets, among the particular budget tablet computers, the ASUS ZenPad 10 Z300M seems like high quality. Having a back textured along with plastic overlaying, it will allow firmer traction when compared to a lightweight aluminum back. Get ready to experience movie time on this 10″ IPS Display screen or listen to songs without headphones with a great front-facing audio system.

This ASUS ZenPad 10” Z300M incorporates a fashion-inspired design and style with contemporary influencers. It demands a feeling of extravagance, fashionable charm, and thoroughly clean looks with stylish leather along with a metallic band. In addition to that, the 10-inch display screen makes certain the media or working display screen space is more than enough to suit your needs. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

This Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is made around a 10.1-inch full high definition display screen along with a 1280 x 800 image resolution. It gives you a great practical experience for gaming, work, or other entertainment that requires ideal viewing facets. You can even watch movies online, listen to music, or make phone calls in loudspeaker settings. With its audio speakers on both sides of the display screen, you can easily place it on any surface area and listen to the media or chat without disruptions.

If you want to know where to get cheap tablets, then the Samsung tablet PC presents a slender and lightweight design and style for matchups. With the small shape and size it offers it becomes appealing and suitable for users of all ages. Whether it’s for personal use or your family, it’ll fit flawlessly.

What are the best tablets with the latest Android Versions?

Technology in the computer or digital science has evolved so much and opens the doors to a totally new world. It is quite astonishing to know that the best 8 inch tablet has comprised a whole computer in it with an operating system of the android. Technology lovers always remain in search of the new tablet, cell phone, or iPads. Last year, there were not plenty of launches regarding bests version Android tablets.

But now, in recent times, you have a good range of Android tablets to choose from. Various 8 inch tablets win the heart of users due to their impressive features. Following are a few of the best tablets with latest android version:

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4:

This awesome tablet has a sharp HDR-display. Super display of Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 makes it a worthy device for multimedia. When it comes to speakers, then this proves to be a splendid choice. You get the AKG-tuned four speakers with this tablet. Other supporting accessories with this marvelous and excellent tablet include S Pen and keyboard.

Who does not like to have a handy tablet? The desktop-like Dex interface is known to make it a much handy device.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3:

The demand of 8 inch tablet is increasing day by day. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is the perfect tablet that has lots of ravishing features for the users. It is the first tablet to have the HDR-ready display. There comes the S pen and powerful speakers along with this Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. Not only this, but you would get the keyboard folio too with this.

HDR content clarity and visibility are outstanding that it makes the movies and TV shows to be great fun. Its keyboard design is quite popular and desirable. Watching the content at Netflix or Amazon is real fun. Maximize this fun by using the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.

Google Pixel C:

8 inch tablet lets you relish lots of exciting features which worth your money. Google Pixel C is known to have a premium screen as well as a fantastic screen. This excellent tablet contains the latest Android versions and is recommended to users for its flexibility of functions. It has 3GB RAM and enjoys to have the operating system Android 7 Nougat. There is no microSD slot in this tablet, and it contains Nvidia Tegra X1, quad-core as it CPU.

Huawei Mediapad M3 8.0:

This is a splendid tablet that contains Android 6.0 Marshmallow as its operating system. The battery of 5100mAh makes it easier for the user to utilize the tablet for the desired purpose. You can run multiple apps on it. The sharp screen and fancy aluminum shell grant a lavish look to the tablet. This is a perfect entertainment device due to its flawless speakers and impressive screen quality.

In a Nutshell:

When you are about to make a purchase about the tablet then ensure to consider these tablets! The latest android versions sort out many of the issues that were quite troublesome in the previous version. Make your choice rapidly after exploring the 8 inch tablet.

How to setup an exchange account on an Android Tablet:

The exchange accounts are setup in every Android tablet, regardless of the price. Before you start setting up the exchange account in your tablet, you need to know what is the cheapest android tablet? The cheapest android tablet is one with the decent features and simple interface in which you can easily set up your exchange account. 

Although the method to add the exchange account in the android tablet is the same in every account, the screen and interface to add may vary from device to device. It is recommended to use the ActiveSync in order to synchronise the data between the mobile and the exchange server. If you are going to synchronise the data between your cheap tablet and server, you are required to know what is the cheapest android tablet is like and how it works. 

what is the cheapest android tablet

Here we are going to tell the ways of stepping through which you can create the exchange account on an android tablet. 

  1. In order to establish the exchange account, it is very important for your device to have a stable internet connection. You can either connect your device with the cellular data or with the data network. It should be kept in mind that the exchange account cannot be setup without internet. If you know what is the cheapest android tablet internet requirement in terms of connectivity, you will be able to setup a stable internet connection. 
  2. You need to go to the menu of your device and then the settings. Here choose the account and sync option where you will be able to add the exchange account by clicking on the ‘’Add account’’ button. 
  3. Click on Microsoft Exchange Activesync. 
  4. There are different fields that you are required to fill in order to create the exchange account in your cheap android tablet. Some of the common fields include the email, password, user name, SSL, exchange server, etc. In the end, you will have to accept all the SSL certificates. 
  5. After doing all these, your device will start locating the exchange server. There are different configuration options available, depending on what is the cheapest android tablet configuration requirement that you are using. 
  6. You are also required to specify the time period after which you want the data to be synchronised between your device and the exchange server.

The email retrieval size is also required to be specified in these configuration settings, which mean what maximum size of the email you want to be downloaded in your devices without downloading the entire email. You also need to know What is the cheapest android tablet storage capability before you specify the size of the email to be downloaded. This option is very important because it will help you choose the size of email depending on the capability of your android tablet. If you don’t know about the internal storage of your device and choose the size carelessly, you will end up making compromise on the performance of your device.