How Is Google Nest Security Kit, Perfect Home Protector?

So today, we will talk about the importance of especially android tablets in our daily lives and how they are replacing the old devices in the market. Just stay tuned and keep reading for interesting details about tablets and home security.

Home Security and Tablets!

As technology is advancing we can see new gadgets and new means of security devices and their use. It’s a recent phenomenon that has developed and excelled in the use of security cameras and applications. Security cameras were invented only a decade ago, and their used got hyped when the system was more digitized. Previously it was a wired system, but later on it kept evolving.

When the cameras were first launched, they were connected to your television devices and were totally dependent on a wired system. This was a start to a good beginning, but the main purpose that was of security was not fulfilled completely with this. Burglars usually damaged these cameras and wires and escaped the premises without being caught, and so the people with the tech world thought of improvising this phenomenon altogether. Google was one of the biggest help to the tech world in its mission.

Today you can install a Wi-Fi camera and configure it with your Wi-Fi connection at your home. These cameras are only attached through wires for power backups as they have batteries today too. The best part is that Google can now help you connect your camera with your phone or your tablet. Almost 70% of people who are using Wi-Fi security systems are using tablets to monitor their premises in America.

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The Google Nest Security Kit!

The Google nest security kit is the product that is recently launched by Google. It comes with a Wi-Fi camera and a configuration to the android application available on the play store. So if you purchase the Google nests security system then you can easily use it to secure your home from any intruders. You can keep a check on your tablet with it or on your android phone, whatever suits you best!

People in the United States of America are using this gadget a lot as they have a high rate of theft and secondly they are the highest population who hire babysitters and caretakers for their children and their houses, and so the Google best security system helps them get rid of all of the extra expense, and they can secure their house themselves. If any intruders are detected the siren will ring and you will get notified on your device along with that the nearest precinct will be informed.

Best budgeted Bluetooth speakers for outdoor use

Portable speakers are becoming a household stable. You can control these devices with your cheap tabletsBluetooth speaker are an essential piece of technology. It is possible to carry these devices on picnics, outdoor adventures, and beaches.

Portable Devices

Portable outdoor speakers are small enough to fit in the pocket of your coat. With these small devices, you can fill your party with serious sounds. Feel free to carry them on the road with your cheap tablets. For your travel needs, it is essential to check the dimensions of a Bluetooth speaker. 

It must be portable and easy on your wallet. You can save money by purchasing a portable speaker from Black Friday sale. Here are some budgeted Bluetooth speakers for outdoor uses:

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Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2

If you want an affordable, fantastic Bluetooth speaker, you can consider Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2. It is famous for its battery life and weighty sound. For a punching and pleasing sound, you can invest in this affordable speaker. It is an incredible choice for its battery life and hefty bass.

The speaker is dustproof, sand proof, and waterproof. You can choose it for pool parties. With this speaker, you can play music at pool parties. It features an impressive bass and exciting sound.

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Amazon 3rd Generation Echo Dot

With voice assistant Alexa, it needs wi-fi or Bluetooth connectivity. You can buy this device with a 3.5mm output. For solid and clear sound, you can invest in this economic Bluetooth speaker. Amazon may help you to save the right amount of money! 

Feel free to combine this smart assistant with music speakers. There is no need to spend loads of money on these products. With notably improved sound quality, it can be an incredible device.


For clean and punchy sound, this Bluetooth speaker can be a portable addition to your house. You can consider this device for aesthetically pleasing sound, decent bass, and well-balanced sound. Unfortunately, it has a poor battery life. It can be a suitable device for people with a limited budget. 

Ears Blast Ultimate

In terms of durability and sound, Ears blast can be a suitable device. With its portable design, you can carry it with you for energetic performances. It comes with a powerful battery to play music for almost 12 hours. If you are looking for a crowd-pleaser, it can be an ultimate device. It can make any listener excited with its unique bass and sound.To save the price, you can buy an affordable tablet with a Bluetooth speaker. It will be a perfect combination for your house and outdoor parties.

How to secure your Gmail account using android phones?

Android phones come with several unique features to increase the security of data. If you want to secure your Gmail account on your tablet it will be an easy job. Several tools, apps, and features can make everything convenient.

Remember, your Android phone is incomplete without Google Account. You have to make your phone secure for payments, photos, emails, apps, and other data. It is not difficult to secure or speed up your account. 

and Security

In the first step, open a “Settings app” and scroll down to personal settings. Hit the Google option and find sections for services and accounts that contain several tabs to explore numerous aspects of an account. These options work in Chrome, instead of Settings. 

Google uses Custom Tabs for Chrome, the experience will be seamless, and there is no need to jump back and forth to use apps. Security checkups are necessary to change your email address and phone number. Make sure to provide access to each app to your account. If you are suspicious about something, feel free to change the settings and password of your account.

Android phones

Main Security Tips

To increase the security of your device, make sure to lock it with a secure password. Instead of keeping it locker or open with a gesture, use a password for the lock screen. Make sure to protect your password from keen eyes. Disable sync if you don’t want to use mobile devices for mails. Feel free to encrypt SD cards and internal storage. Remember, these actions will help you to protect your tablet from strangers.

Locking Application

Make sure to create a specific lock with the help of a locking application. Feel free to prepare a combination lock, such as numerical and alphabetical sequence. This application may help you to disable to access of specific actions or things to your tablet.

It is important to configure an app lock and set a password. If you can’t trust your memory, feel free to set a hit. Remember, App Lock is a smart way to protect your tablet from unauthorized access. 

Two Factor Authentication

With 2FA (two-factor authentication), it will be easy for you to protect your Google account. You have to pass this double verification to access an online account. In the first step, enter your password and a phone number or a unique code. Every account needs this method for maximum security.Two-step verification of Gmail is based on Google Prompts. Once you sign in to your account, type your password and user name. Google will send a prompt to your device. Make sure to respond to this prompt to get access to your Google account. You may receive a code to enter to get access to your accountFor maximum security, try to create a strong password.

How to Track your lost android phone?

Anyone can lose his/her tablet for several reasons. Reason can be your carelessness or forgetfulness. In every case, you want your device back to avoid data loss and other issues. Fortunately, you can track your lost Android phone or tablet back with its built-in features. Some third-party apps are also available to track your lost Android phone. Here are some suitable options.

Find My Device

Android devices come with a built-in feature “Find My Device”. Open the website https://www/ /find in a browser.

  • Log into this website and enter your password and email address for your Android phone or tablet.
  • Choose your tablet and hit on the name of the phone located on the left are of the page. It will prompt the feature “Find My Device” to start searching for the location of your device.
  • Review the location of your phone by checking your screen. If your device is off or doesn’t have any Wi-Fi/cellular connection, you may not get its location.
Android phone

Lock Down Your Phone

To prevent data theft from Android, you can lock it down with the following instructions:

  • Tap “LOCK” on the left side of a page.
  • Type your password to prompt it.
  • Feel free to type a recovery number and a message if you prefer.
  • Hit on LOCK when prompted.

Find My Device for Samsung

Explore Find My Mobile site at in a browser.

Tap “Sign In” in the middle of a page.

Enter your login details, such as the password and email address of Samsung.

Confirm that you are not a robot by checking in the nearby box.

Now you will get a list of Samsung tablets and phones. Pick your Samsung and hit on the phone that you want to secure with a lockdown feature.

If your tablet has Wi-Fi/cellular connection, you can review its location. Once you get access to your device, it will be easy for you to lock it down. 

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Lock Down with Samsung

For the protection of data, you can use the “Lock My Device” feature to block its access for everyone. This option is available on the left of a page. Moreover, you can erase your phone by choosing “Wipe My Device”. Make sure to follow on-screen prompts to protect essential data of your phone.

Google Maps

Open  in a web browser and open the Map page of Google. If you are not logged in, tap the sign-in button in the upper corner of this page and enter your password and email address. Make sure to use your appropriate password and email address to get connected with your device. 

Tap “MENU” in the upper corner of the page and see a pop-out menu. It will help you to select suitable options. Click “Timeline” available near the base of the pop-out menu. It will help you to check the history menu for the location. Pick a date, day, and month. After making all adjustments, you will be able to review the location history of your device.

How to reinstall the Google Play Store?

Your tablet is incomplete without its Google Play Store. If your play store is not working correctly, you have to fix its issue. For instance, update your play store to improve its performance. If your current Play Store is not working appropriately, you can consider a reinstall. It will allow you to re-enable apps. Make sure to use a similar Google account on the device before reinstalling an app. 

A similar account will help you to install an app on more devices. Moreover, you can install apps on a new device. With your account, you can easily reinstall deleted apps. Here are some simple instructions to reinstall the Google Play Store on your tablet.

Check Current Version of Google Play

Updates may take time; therefore, you have to install and download a new version of the Play Store. If your current version is creating issues, you will immediately need a new version. Before rushing to get the latest APK Play Store, you have to check the current version of the app (Play Store). See these instructions to do this:

Move to “Settings” and “App & notifications”.

Search “Google Play” and click it (feel free to see all apps to find the desired option).

Click on “Advanced” and scroll down to the bottom to check the current version number. If a Google Play app is working well, there is no need to reinstall or update it. Check the version of the app by opening it and tap on the menu button (three lines) in the top corner. Check-in “Settings” and scroll down to see the accurate number on your tablet.

Remember, the numbering system for the Play Store version can be confusion. Remember, you can understand this number because it jumps between odd numbers.

Download APK for the Google Play Store

Keep it in mind that you can get a licensed version of the Play Store already installed on your Android device. Sometimes, it becomes crucial to reinstall the Play Store app. Search for the latest version of the Google Play Store. 

Remember, new versions come with some changes to increase its performance. You may not notice significant changes in the user interface. The latest versions often come with special features. After downloading an app, you may notice an error. It means you have to troubleshoot your tablet. See these instructions:

  • Check “Settings – App & Notifications”.
  • Carefully scroll down to Play store, click it and hit “Storage & Cache” to clear the cache.
  • Feel free to do the same things for the services of Google Play. 

It will help you to fix number issues related to the Play Store of Google. Based on the type of your device, it may require rooting to install the Play Store manually.  

Install Google Play Store

To install a new version of the Google Play Store, you will need APK of the store to complete this process manually. You can directly install APK of the Play Store on your tablet or do it through a computer. Follow the instructions to reinstall the Google Play Store.

How to transfer files from android phone to laptop without using a wire?

Are you planning to buy a new tablet? There is nothing to worry because it is easy to transfer files from your phone to your tablet or laptop. Moving data from a device to another may need a data cable. If you don’t have wire, there is nothing to worry because you can use other methods to transfer files. A wireless network will help you to transfer files. Here are three ways:

  • Bluetooth file transfer
  • Cloud solutions
  • Transfer Files from PC – Android Wi-Fi
  • Use Third-Party Software

Bluetooth Transfer from Phone to Laptop

Bluetooth is a popular method to transfer files. Remember, it is more accessible than Wi-Fi. With Bluetooth file transfer, you can work without Wi-Fi. Remember, you have to follow these steps:

Turn on Bluetooth on your phone and laptop. Ensure that name of your device is discoverable. 

Check Bluetooth settings on your computer. Choose an Android device in the list and pair.

Sometimes, you have to enter a security code to pair devices. You have to permit to receive files from another device.

Search your desired files to transfer from a phone. Select “Share” option.

Share files (photos, etc.) via Bluetooth and save to PC. These options are available on your tablet. 

your tablet

Transfer Files via Wi-Fi

It is possible to transfer files from your computer to Android with the help of Wi-Fi. Feel free to transfer data from a PC to Android. Use a third-party software tool to transfer files. It will allow you to share files from a device to another without a wire.

Cloud Services to Transfer Files

You can transfer files from PC to android tablets with the use of Cloud services. It is an effective way to transfer data from one device to another. Cloud services, such as Google Drive and Dropbox allow you to upload files from a PC or phone and access them on your tablet.

Remember, you can store your data externally. As compared to simple transfer, this method is not safe. You have to sync files between devices. Here are some easy steps to transfer files:

Check the website of the cloud provider.

Register for the services and check free options to transfer files. Remember, free services may offer limited storage. You have to pay for extra storage.

Download an accompanying app on the phone and set up an account with details.

Now you are ready to transfer files between devices through cloud storage.

Droid Transfer

To transfer files between your devices, you will need Droid transfer software. With this app, you have to scan a QR code. Make sure to sync your PC and android device wirelessly. Feel free to drag and drop important files between these platforms. 

AirDroid works similar to Droid Transfer. It will help you to transfer files with a screen mirror. It can cast your android screen to PC over a Wi-Fi connection on your local network. Control your device from PC.

Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact

Are you looking for the best deal tablet? Check the best features of the Sony Xperia Z3 tablet compact. It is a dustproof and waterproof compact tablet by Sony. A quad-core Qualcomm 2.5GHz Snapdragon processor powers tablet. It features 3GB of RAM, 4.4 Android operating system, and 4500mAh non-removable battery.

Hardware and Software

The dustproof and waterproof device comes with IP68 and IP65 setting. The device features a 203.2 mm (8.0 inch) display with 283 PPI density. The display comes with Triluminos technology and rear-facing 8 megapixels camera. Moreover, you can record 1080p video and Sony Exmor image sensor.

A compact tablet is available with pre-loaded KitKat Android 4.4.4 and custom interface. The new software additions in this tablet include PlayStation 4 game console (video), Sony select, Lifelog app, and remote play support. You can increase the storage to almost 128GB with a microSD card.

best deal tablet

Connectivity Options

Connectivity options for the tablet include GPS, Wi-Fi, MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link), and NFC. The Xperia Sony Z3 tablet measures 123mm x 213mm x 6.40mm. It weighs only 280 grams.

Sharp Looks

The Sony tablet is famous for its sharp looks. Get the advantage of true-to-life colors and finely-tuned clarity. It comes with 4K technology to deliver impressive screen experience. With its razor-sharp details, you can feel life on the screen.

From audio quality to build quality, this tablet is lightweight and portable. These features make it a unique companion for e-readers, entertainment, computing, and other tasks. Feel free to carry it with you during travels. 

Portable Device

The Z3 tablet of Xperia is totally portable and lightweight. It looks similar to a slim magazine to slip in your bag easily. The advanced technology of Sony makes it a powerful device. With its shine or rain design, there is no need to worry about spills and rain. For its dust-tight qualities, it can be the best travel companion. It is the best tablet for entertainment, work, and travel.

With a sharp and bright 8.1-inch screen, it is one of the best devices to watch media content in the sun. It allows you to zone out to favorite music without any distractions. The Z3 tablet allows you to cancel digital noise. You can easily block out background noise. Feel free to listen to your tracks with clarity. 

Super-Fast Surfing Speed

For long-lasting and fluid fun, this slate features a super-fast processor and LTE/4G to increase the speed of the internet connection. You can play games everywhere with the Remote Play PS4 console. Play games in your idle time without any restriction.

If you want the best screen and great features within your budget, consider this  tabletYou can get the advantage of exclusive features, speed, and exceptional brightness. Travelers and business professionals can carry it because of its lightweight and portability.

It can be the best device for the fans of Samsung devices. Tablet is equipped with a higher-saturation screen and a super-vivid setting. If you can’t afford Apple and Samsung’s tablets, it may be the best device for you.

5 Things You Can Do in macOS Catalina That You Couldn’t Before

macOS Catalina comes with lots of unique features. It can be the best 10 inch tablet for you to download iTunes. Moreover, you can do lots of things with macOS Catalina. Here are five things you can do in macOS Catalina that you couldn’t before.

1. Manage Podcasts, Movies, and Music in Different Apps

On Mac, you can’t access iTunes. For this reason, you can use Apple Podcasts, Apple TV, and Apple Music. Finder may help you to restore and back up mobile devices. These apps allow you to get the advantage of iTunes.

The music app of Apple may incorporate both the subscription service of Apple music and the old library of iTunes. You can access your playlist and make smart choices with the best 10 inch tablet.

best 10 inch tablet

2. Second Display with iPad

Usually, you will need a third-party app to use the iPhone as a second display. In Catalina, there is no need to worry about extra apps. You can mirror the display of Mac or use it as an extension. It can be done by connecting an iPad to Mac wirelessly or with a cable.

If you can’t create a mirror image, feel free to use apps, such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe Illustrator, and Affinity Photos. Feel free to sketch and draw in apps with your Apple pencil on Mac. Even without using these apps, you can markup PDFs on an iPad with an Apple Pencil. Make sure to install these apps as per your needs in your tablet.

3. Limit Screen Time

With this cool feature, it is possible to limit the screen time of your spouse and children. Moreover, it can even spoil your fun by setting a limit. It is possible to put limits on the use of particular apps. Screen time is an exclusive option available in “System Preferences”. 

Feel free to use this feature to monitor the use of Apple devices. Moreover, set limits for your screen time, apps, and specific categories of apps for each day.

Run Original Apps Available for iPad

For software developers, a Catalyst is a fantastic tool in macOS Catalina. With this app, you can easily port apps from tablet and iPad to your Mac. To see its effects, make sure to see apps umping from tablets to laptops and desktops of Apple. You may not find some apps live, but get the advantage of available options.

4. Easily Find Mac

With Find My app, you can control macOS, iPadOS, iOS, Smart Watches, and MacBooks. Apple will help you to find the right devices. It is possible to find devices securely, invisibly, and anonymously. 

5. Manage Reminders Easily

Notes are available on tabletsGet the advantage of this upgrade in macOS Catalina. You can view a new gallery, use a search function, and get the benefit of a checklist feature. It is possible to share folders of notes and use apps in collaboration.