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5 Things You Can Do in macOS Catalina That You Couldn’t Before

macOS Catalina comes with lots of unique features. It can be the best 10 inch tablet for you to download iTunes. Moreover, you can do lots of things with macOS Catalina. Here are five things you can do in macOS Catalina that you couldn’t before.

1. Manage Podcasts, Movies, and Music in Different Apps

On Mac, you can’t access iTunes. For this reason, you can use Apple Podcasts, Apple TV, and Apple Music. Finder may help you to restore and back up mobile devices. These apps allow you to get the advantage of iTunes.

The music app of Apple may incorporate both the subscription service of Apple music and the old library of iTunes. You can access your playlist and make smart choices with the best 10 inch tablet.

best 10 inch tablet

2. Second Display with iPad

Usually, you will need a third-party app to use the iPhone as a second display. In Catalina, there is no need to worry about extra apps. You can mirror the display of Mac or use it as an extension. It can be done by connecting an iPad to Mac wirelessly or with a cable.

If you can’t create a mirror image, feel free to use apps, such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe Illustrator, and Affinity Photos. Feel free to sketch and draw in apps with your Apple pencil on Mac. Even without using these apps, you can markup PDFs on an iPad with an Apple Pencil. Make sure to install these apps as per your needs in your tablet.

3. Limit Screen Time

With this cool feature, it is possible to limit the screen time of your spouse and children. Moreover, it can even spoil your fun by setting a limit. It is possible to put limits on the use of particular apps. Screen time is an exclusive option available in “System Preferences”. 

Feel free to use this feature to monitor the use of Apple devices. Moreover, set limits for your screen time, apps, and specific categories of apps for each day.

Run Original Apps Available for iPad

For software developers, a Catalyst is a fantastic tool in macOS Catalina. With this app, you can easily port apps from tablet and iPad to your Mac. To see its effects, make sure to see apps umping from tablets to laptops and desktops of Apple. You may not find some apps live, but get the advantage of available options.

4. Easily Find Mac

With Find My app, you can control macOS, iPadOS, iOS, Smart Watches, and MacBooks. Apple will help you to find the right devices. It is possible to find devices securely, invisibly, and anonymously. 

5. Manage Reminders Easily

Notes are available on tabletsGet the advantage of this upgrade in macOS Catalina. You can view a new gallery, use a search function, and get the benefit of a checklist feature. It is possible to share folders of notes and use apps in collaboration.

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