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Why Chromebook Suits you Better than a Laptop If you are a Blogger?

As compared to the windows 10 tabletChromebook is a budget-friendly option. It runs on Chrome OS that means programs of Windows may not work on these devices. There are numerous reasons to use Chromebooks over Windows laptops.

Stable than Windows 10

As compared to Windows 10, Chrome operating system is an exceptional choice. If you are not happy with the changes in visual basic programs of Microsoft, you can choose Chromebook. In the past few years, updates from Windows are becoming a nightmare. Windows users try to hold off updates of their computer. 

Remember, Chrome OS is user-friendly, and a secure optionSecurity violations of Windows pop up each month. No doubt, Chrome OS has some security holes, but you can trust on Chromebook after installing an antivirus.

Smoothly Move to a New Hardware

Migration from old PC to a new one can be a nightmare if you are dealing with Microsoft Windows 10. It is not easy to jump from Windows 10 – Windows 10. With a Microsoft or local account, you have to move local files manually. On a Chromebook, you can start working after logging in to your new machine.

Great for Data Security

After dropping a laptop, your machine will be broken. As a result, you will get nothing in the absence of a backup. To restore your files, you will need a recent backup; otherwise, you may be in hot water. In the case of Chromebook, you will not face this issue. 

After buying a new machine with Chrome operating system, you have to log in to this machine and get your data back. You will not lose your applications, data or settings. 

Great for Offline Use

There is a myth that you can’t use a Chromebook without a secure internet connection. Remember, Chromebook is equally suitable for offline use. Feel free to watch movies, use a calendar, write Gmail, edit photographs, listen to music, work in Docs and use a calendar. You can use different apps and browsers on this machine.

Feel free to run Linux program and Android applications on modern Chromebooks. For bloggers, this can be a great option. If you have a limited budget, you can buy this affordable Chromebook.

Good for Android Apps

Some people have a misconception that they can’t run android apps. Remember, it is possible to install android apps on your Chromebooks. This operating system is similar to a native android device. You can easily access android files.

Chromebooks run android apps and Linux. These books can also run Windows. You will get support for numerous apps. There is no need to worry about the speed of Chromebooks. For bloggers, students and professionals, you can buy these machines. These are affordable and efficient for everyone.

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