How to Install 3 Android Tablets in Your Car – A Step-By-Step Guide

If you are looking for new and creative ways to install your NVidia shield tablet, then you are in the right place. We can help you and give you tips on how to install 3 android tablets in your car the right way. We will give you a complete step by step guide on how to make the installation. I’ve been trying to install the NVidia shield tablet in my jeep too recently, and finally, I was successful, so today, I can guide you better on the basis of my experience.

Old Yet Demanding

Although the NVidia shield tablet has been discontinued but still if you manage to find three or four tablets, we can help you install them in your jeep or car wherever you want. Actually, the purpose of the installation of these tablets is just for fun and to make your trip interesting while traveling. If you are traveling with a group of friends and are on a long journey in the mountain areas, you can easily use these tablets to watch a movie together. Now let us move towards the tips and the complete guideline on how to install the NVidia shield tablets in your ride.

NVidia Shield tablet

Decide the Number

First of all, you should decide how many tablets do you want to use in your ride and where do you want them to be installed. Usually if we talk about installing four tablets in a jeep or a car, two of them can be installed in the backrests of the driver and passenger seats and these can be used by the two passengers sitting at the back and the other two can be installed on the front side of the car in the dashboard. One in the middle or in front of the compartment and other before the steering wheel. 

Safety Must Be First Priority

Now keep one thing absolutely clear in mind that we don’t recommend the front two tablets to be used while driving your car. You must understand that safety and precautions come first before fun. Obviously, you need to be well alive to watch a movie or play a game with your chaps, and this won’t be a case if you get into an accident while using the tab while driving.

Tablet Holders Are Must

First of all, take tablet holders of the size of your NVidia shield tablets and fix the tablets in the holders. Then you must see whether the size of the headrest is equal to, less than or greater than the holders. We recommend that you use smaller size tablets and holders. These holders can be attached to the headrests and dashboards with cords or with double tapes. 

We are not recommending any permanent joining solution because you might want them to be removed at some point, so it’s best that you arrange them in a manner that does not damage the car interior while removing them. Another option is that you can make alterations in the compartment, and the headrests for your NVidia shield tablets but that is a bit expensive.

5 most productive Applications for Tablet Users

With extensive connectivity and powerful processors, the tablets and smart devices become indispensable. You can download different productive apps for your productivity and personal assistance. Find numerous apps in the Play Store to boost your productivity. From mobile office suites, note-taking apps to calendars, and to-do lists, you can install different apps on your tablet. Here are the 5 most productive applications for tablet users.


People often forget chores and daily tasks; therefore, can be a suitable app. This app is free for iOS and Android. With this app, it will be easy for you to manage your regular schedule with a to-do list, notes, reminders, etc. After buying a tabledownload this app in your slate.

Feel free to share extensive lists and assign projects to others. With this app, you can sync between the web, tablet, desktop, and phone. Fortunately, this app comes with a voice-entry characteristic. Use your voice to add different items in the list.

best tablet

2. 1Password

You can’t waste your time remembering passwords. To avoid a tricky situation, use 1Password and save your passwords at a place. It will help you to secure your mental energy for different other tasks. Feel free to store different things in this app.

Download and install this app in on a tablet because it is available for iOS and Android. It features end-to-end encryption to protect your important passcodes. Start with a free trial to manage your passwords.

3. Just Press Record

With this versatile app, you can record different voices with one tap. This app is designed for iPad, iPhone, and other devices of Apple. Users have to press an apple icon for some seconds to record. Feel free to use it for smartwatches of Apple. 

This app is suitable to transcribe speech with different languages and punctuation commands. Feel free to sort recordings with time and date. It is possible to change the name of a file manually. Transcriptions and records can be synced to iCloud. 

4. Toggl

This free time tracking app is available for iOS and Android devices. Toggl is ideal for groups or individuals. Users may start, log, and stop times. Track the time of your tasks on the desktop or mobile phone. With this app, it is easy to sync data between two platforms. It becomes easy to track time on tasks and projects. 

With specialized tools, you can tag entries, bulk edit, and organize files. You can export or import data in CSV or PDF formats. Get the advantage of premium subscriptions to access extra features.

5. Teamweek

Download and install this app on iOS and Android tabletsWith this time and project management apps, you can manage your team quickly. It allows users to assign, color-code, and create tasks on a shared calendar.

Feel free to sync data for all team members on mobile and desktop. It is possible to break down tasks into timelines and checklists. With its free tiers, you can coordinate with almost five users.

5 ways to Make your Kids Tablet Use Productive

Nowadays, it is challenging to keep your children away from tablets, smartphone, and similar devices. If you want to give your Samsung device to your children, make sure to learn how to reset a Samsung tablet. To decrease the stress of parents, different parental control software, and tools are available. With these tools, you can increase the security and productivity of your slates. Here are some tips to increase the productivity of kids tablets.

Family Link of Google

Children should not create a Google account before a certain age. They must be over 14 or 16 to have this account. Parents can avoid this problem by putting a fake age for their children. It may work, but breaches terms and conditions of Google may be harmful to them.

To avoid this issue, Google has introduced a Family link. It is a reliable surveillance tool to keep an eye on the activities of your child. With this link, parents can manage and create accounts for pre-teen kids. In case of an issue, reset a device to its original setting. Learn how to reset a Samsung tablet to make your work easy.

Parental Controls in the Play Store

Install a parental control app in your child’s tablet. It will help you limit the use TV shows, movies, games, and social media. With a search filter, you can restrict the Magazines and books they will see. Play Store has different parental control apps to download. You can use a four-digit passcode or PIN to restrict inappropriate content. Activate a clear filter to save them from wrong content. Remember, children can disturb the settings of your tablet. Make sure to check the steps of how to reset a Samsung tablet

YouTube Kids

Nowadays, YouTube is famous among kids; therefore, a particular version is available for children. You can replace an official YouTube app with a family-friend alternative. For this purpose, disable YouTube in “Settings – Apps – YouTube” and tap Disable. It will help you to hide the icon of YouTube from your children.

It is time to install a Kids version in its place. You can set the limit for screen time. This way you can restrict your children from casual gaming and video streaming. It is an excellent way to block inappropriate content. You can reset your device as per your convenience. A tutorial on how to reset a Samsung tablet will help you to reset your device.

Keep an eye on the activities of your children when playing video games, watching TV, or hanging out online. Remember, you have to teach them how to use social media carefully. It is essential to protect them from hackers and scammers. Make sure to install some educational games and apps for your children.

They must have plenty of screen-free time to protect their eyes. Parents can manage a healthy schedule for their kids. If you are noticing any issue in your tablet, bring it back to factory settings.

7 Inch vs 8 Inch Tablets!

When it comes to tablets, obviously size does matter. If you are looking to buy a tablet we can help you make a choice and will tell you about both the sizes and companies. Tab users are often the younger generation, and many questions are asked from their side about which tab is best, how to reset security codes, or how to reset RCA tablets. All of these questions are important ones so we will inform you about them in this article. 

Do you like to use a bigger tab with a bigger display or a small one? People are usually fond of tabs with 7 to 10 inches in size, and there is no set rule, it depends on your ease and liking. Today people are also buying tabs that are 18 inches in display. So it only depends on you. We will let you know about the size comparison, and we will also try and tell you how to reset the RCA tablet.

Screen Aspect Ratio

A 7-inch display has a 16:9 ratios, an amazing display of almost 21 to 22 square inches of display screen. While on the other hand the 8- inch tablet has a 27.5 square inches of display screen which is a lot more to offer when viewing media. So if you are a movie person and gaming fan you must go for the bigger one, and if you have a tab just to manage your work and keep it safe then you can go for the smaller one.

Other than the display ratio, the 8-inch tab are heavier than the 7-inch ones so if you are not too fond of holding a heavy device then you should probably go with the smaller one.

The most amazing tabs are the 8 inch Samsung tab 3 and the 7-inch Kindle Fire HD. Both are amazingly good at what they have been created for and its totally up to the user to decide what size and weight suit him best.

Tabs are basically said to be gadgets introduced as a replacement to computer system and laptops to get a portable version of them, but companies have made the tabs more of a fun gadget along with a working one. So people today are using more tabs with larger displays. These are mainly used for gaming and movies. 

About The RCA Tablet and How to reset RCA Tablet!

The RCA tablet is also one of the best ones and if you want to know how to rest your RCA tablet because of any problem related to security you can simply turn it off charge it full and then press all three of the buttons that include volumes and power. A coded screen will appear before you. You have to use the volume key to choose the option of reboot or reset tab and erase all data.  That’s how you reset your RCA tablet!

4 Best Cases to Shield your Tablet

If your tablet pc has slipped out of the hands, or you have cracked your display screen, then you need a good case. Only for you, we have accumulated quite a few great cases designed for today’s most favored tablet pcs. Your tablet will definitely be safe and sound. 

  1. MoKo Case Fit

This economic case provides the cherished iPad device with remarkable protection. Its see-through plastic-type material cover is sturdy and features highly accurate cutouts that will not likely impair the camera, charging slot, audio grill, or the iPad’s keys.

On the medial side the case you will find a microfiber paving, which ensures you keep your iPad tablet looking completely new. Moreover, a bicast synthetic leather display screen cover helps in avoiding chafes on the iPad’s 9.7-inch touchscreen technology, while also doubling as an awesome stand. We get pleasure from this case’s slimness, light in weight, as well as minimal personalization. This approach is also intended for the Apple iPad Mini.

best tablet deals
  1. ZUGU The Muse Case

The Muse case features heavy-duty security while still preserving low-profile looks. A most loved choice of Wirecutter and PCMag, this case helps to protect the iPad tablet Pro’s entire external surfaces, and it is built with a built-in variable magnet kickstand along with a port for the Apple Pencil.

This specific option is robust, it can face drops up to approximately six feet, so it is going to provide you with satisfaction knowing the pricey iPad Pro no longer has sufficient dangerous situations. ZUGU sells options for either the 11-inch or 14.9-inch iPad tablet Pros.

  1. AmazonBasics Tablet Sleeve

Easily obtainable in several different shapes, the AmazonBasics tablet pc offers elegant style and design, reliable quality, and also a sleek profile. If you need a cost-effective case for the tablet pc, you should have this on your list of potential possibilities. The amazon online marketplace has the sleeve in numerous colors and sizes.

  1. ESR Rebound  Smart Case

Apple’s most up-to-date apple iPad tablet Air has the very same length and width as the 12.5-inch iPad tablet Pro; therefore, many case companies are selling old products and rebranding the outstanding products as apple iPad tablet Air cases. Despite the fact that most of these cases and best tablet deals will continue to work perfectly, the speaker position differs from the others on the new Apple iPad tablet Air tablet pcs -meaning the “iPad Air” case can have phone speaker cutouts in the wrong area.

The ESR Rebound comes with a tender, but bendable TPU cover which will not crack like a decent piece of plastic-type material.

How to Find Tablets at Low Cost?

During the past few years, it has been made clear by the world that tablets are here to stay. You cannot deny their popularity with the masses. The simple idea of combining the best elements of both laptops and cell phones was an instant hit! 

So, with the increase in the sales of tablets around the world, they should be made affordable too. However, tablets are a relatively new breed of devices, and people do not have much experience with them. Here is a guide to look for the best new tablets, at a low cost!

There are scores of tablets from a dozen companies available in the market. You have to consider a few things when looking for the best new tablets at a low price. These are:

Operating System

If you are looking for a cheap tablet, the option of an Apple product is out of the question. Although they do offer value for money, but they are still pretty much overpriced. If you are deep in pockets, there a couple of other options that you can have.

The best choice for a low-priced tablet and best new tablets would be an Android-powered tablet. These devices are powerful, easy-to-use and cheap. 

Processing Power of the Tablet

It is the one thing that will determine if your selected tablet is worth spending your hard-earned money or not. A weak processor makes even the sleekest looking tablet look bad. If you are buying for normal use, then a dual-core processor may be enough for you.

But if you want to experience the true potential of the best new tablets, you should go for a quad-core processor. It will enhance your experience of using a tablet device. It is worth the few extra bucks!

Screen Size

Let us admit it; bigger screen size is the major reason behind the popularity of the tablet devices. It is why cell phones of all top companies are going for bigger and wider screens. It is the next big trend in the market.

But the bigger the screen is, the more costly the tablet is. So you need to find a good-sized best new tablets which are not very costly. The best way to find such tablets is to look at all the available options and compare them thoroughly. 

Battery Life

Last but not least; battery life has been an issue ever since the introduction of “smart” devices. As most people use tablets for tasks like watching a movie, playing HD games, or reading an e-book, the battery of the tablet matters a lot. 

Make sure you have a good-sized battery for the tablet which falls in your budget. The battery life should be enough to power the screen size easily without getting heated up or compromising the performance of the tablet.

So that is all you need to know for now, happy shopping!

Best use of CamScanner App on your Tablet

Considering cheap android tablet deals to buy the best slate? You can get numerous options because different brands are available in the market. After purchasing a new slate, you have to transfer your relevant documents. It is possible to transfer your documents with a CamScanner App. 

People take pictures with their tablets or phone to save important information. As a result, your device can be overwhelmed with the images of slide shows, whiteboards, sceneries, posters, selfies, receipts, etc. In this situation, it will be difficult for you to dig out a picture. In this situation, CamScanner can make your life easy.

Read Text with CamScanner 

With the help of CamScanner, you can capture the useful details in a device from the cheap android tablet dealsIt will help you to find out essential things in a few seconds. For instance, enter a desired term in the search bar to search for some files. 

CamScanner allows you to capture information with the app. You can read texts on images and recognize them with optical character recognition (OCR) technology. Feel free to use this technology for searching.

Convert Documents in PDF Format

CamScanner allows you to convert documents into a friendly PDF format. After seeing a beautiful picture in a book, you can use CamScanner to save this section. It will help you to save time in writing and citing something. With this app, users can save time by taking images of documents and convert these images into PDF format to export them. 

In the cheap android tablet deals, you can download CamScanner to save time and increase your productivity. With this app, it is possible to get high-quality work. It is suitable to improve clarity in printed documents. Moreover, this app has a crop feature that allows you to remove unnecessary information. Here are some tools in this app to make a picture easy to read.

  • B&W: It will help you to remove noises and shadows. This feature is excellent for faxes and printing.
  • Magic Color: You can use this feature to enhance the sharpness of the color document. It will help you to ensure sharp and vibrant colors.
  • Grayscale: Feel free to preview your documents as printed. The cheap android tablet deals need this unique app.
  • Lighten: With this feature, you can increase light in a document.

After creating documents, CamScanner allows you to recognize the texts in images. You can use a search bar to search texts of pictures and find a corresponding file or document. Share these documents with your family members, colleagues, and friends. Their suggestions and comments will be directly listed under documents. Feel free to upload your documents to the cloud for their security. If you don’t want to lose a document, feel free to upload it to CamScanner. Create an account and sync the information across different devices. With the cheap android tablet deals, it will be easy for you to save money. Install this app on your device and organize documents easily.

What do you need to know before buying a Gaming PC?

Do you need to build the best gaming PC? A list to help buy computers wholesale may aid you because it has different part options. From tower design and graphics upgradability to VR-readiness, you have to consider lots of different things. If you want to play Star Wars Battlefront II, Fortnite, or Assassins Creed Origins in 4K, you will need a very special computer. Buying a gaming computer can be an overwhelming task, here are some things to remember before buying a gaming PC.

Specifications of A Gaming Computer

The hardware of a gaming computer is necessary to support heavy playing. Remember, gaming computers are available in different sizes and shapes. Small systems, such as Falcon Northwest Tiki, may support some simpler games. Moreover, you can buy mid-size towers, such as monoliths, Predator G1, and Acer for added processing power. 

Large systems can be great for intense gamers, but these may take up large desks. Feel free to run a computer on a home theater system. If you want to limit upgrade options for the future, try to choose smaller computers. Make sure to buy computer parts wholesale with adequate cooling and upgradability.

Heart of Computer: Processor

Choose between HP and Dell because these both contain a powerful processor. Gaming computers are available in two, four, and six-core processors. If you have the money, consider a desktop with a six-core processor to get the best experience.

Gamers with a lot money may prefer a computer with an eight-core Intel processor, these X-Series chips are available at premium prices. Try to buy computer parts wholesale with an eight-core, heavy processor for gaming. Nowadays, computers with 18 cores of processing are available. You may not find them friendly on your wallet though.

Excellent GPU for Gaming

A gaming computer is incomplete without a powerful GPU. The GT 1030 of Nvidia is on a low-end for gaming. You can buy the best machines from the RX series. Don’t be afraid to buy a computer with an AMD-based graphics card. Try to buy gaming computers with powerful graphic cards for higher resolution to play high-end games. Experts recommend avoiding the use of multiple cards, configurations of multiple cards may increase issues from the graphics support. Multiple cards can be hotter and louder than single cards leading to over heating and ear strain. When buying parts wholesale for gaming, check for their graphics cards.

Solid-state Drivers (Affordable and Fast)

Several computers are available with a built in 500GB, 750GB, or 1TB storage model. To play big game, try to get a device with maximum storage space. Remember, SSDs can be less expensive than mechanical hard drives. These will not impact your gaming performance, and you can get better storage for lots of games. Moreover, their load times are always better than ordinary hard drives.

Using SSDs can increase the speed of your system, gamers need speed to keep up with fast-paced online gaming. These can be a better option than mechanical built-in hard drives. These quick tricks will help you to buy computer parts wholesale for gaming. Remember, these machines need to be a perfect balance of several components. You can choose every element as it fits your needs and bud.

Best GPS apps for Android Tablets to Track Your Location

Clear navigation is only possible if your screen is big enough to see clearly. For this we recommend the 10 inch Android Tablet because it gives a much clearer view to a user. We all know that Google Maps is considered the best android navigation app, but today we are here with some other apps as alternatives that considered competitors to Google.

10 inch android tablet

Backcountry navigation 

Right after Google maps, backcountry navigation is considered one of the best navigation apps for hikers. This app is a bit expensive, but it’s really worthy of having if you are a frequent hiker. The app has multiple offline maps tow download that help you navigate even if you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection. This app does have some fun features as well, you are able to mark your favorite areas by making spots for them. You can even see multiple types of trials in your area and much more. This navigation map gives you a choice of views you can switch through. This is a onetime pay app all you do is pay once and will be able to use it for lifetime, no annoying monthy fees to worry about. Navigation apps are easierto use if your tablet screens is bigger, so we recommend you to buy 10” Android tablet

HERE WeGO maps 

This map has a simple yet stylish interface that makes the user feel cool while using these maps. It has navigation capabilities all over the world and can be specific to your location. It allows you to download the maps so you can use them when you don’t have a data or WiFi. This amazing map app can track traffic information to take you the safest and fastest directions. Best part is, this app is totally free. This app also has a function called map creator with you can easily alter maps with your favorite locations.  


MapFactor is one of the most seamless Google Maps alternatives. It incorporates the fundamental route and GPS highlights. It utilizes OpenStreetMap that allows you to get free downloadable maps that are refreshed month to month in case you are ever in a position you need them offline. There are specific guides for locations too, however, they may cost real monday. It even incorporates different voices to help you navigate, 2D and 3D modes, day and a night mode, and the sky is the limit from there. This GPS application likewise has support for nations around the globe. Buy a 10” Android tablet to enjoy the full features of this amazing navigation app. is another well-known best navigation app. This app also has offline maps that make it easier to use map in areas where data is not available. This app also has the feature of bookmarking locations, offline location searching, traffic information, and worldwide map availability.