how to reset a Samsung tablet

5 ways to Make your Kids Tablet Use Productive

Nowadays, it is challenging to keep your children away from tablets, smartphone, and similar devices. If you want to give your Samsung device to your children, make sure to learn how to reset a Samsung tablet. To decrease the stress of parents, different parental control software, and tools are available. With these tools, you can increase the security and productivity of your slates. Here are some tips to increase the productivity of kids tablets.

Family Link of Google

Children should not create a Google account before a certain age. They must be over 14 or 16 to have this account. Parents can avoid this problem by putting a fake age for their children. It may work, but breaches terms and conditions of Google may be harmful to them.

To avoid this issue, Google has introduced a Family link. It is a reliable surveillance tool to keep an eye on the activities of your child. With this link, parents can manage and create accounts for pre-teen kids. In case of an issue, reset a device to its original setting. Learn how to reset a Samsung tablet to make your work easy.

Parental Controls in the Play Store

Install a parental control app in your child’s tablet. It will help you limit the use TV shows, movies, games, and social media. With a search filter, you can restrict the Magazines and books they will see. Play Store has different parental control apps to download. You can use a four-digit passcode or PIN to restrict inappropriate content. Activate a clear filter to save them from wrong content. Remember, children can disturb the settings of your tablet. Make sure to check the steps of how to reset a Samsung tablet

YouTube Kids

Nowadays, YouTube is famous among kids; therefore, a particular version is available for children. You can replace an official YouTube app with a family-friend alternative. For this purpose, disable YouTube in “Settings – Apps – YouTube” and tap Disable. It will help you to hide the icon of YouTube from your children.

It is time to install a Kids version in its place. You can set the limit for screen time. This way you can restrict your children from casual gaming and video streaming. It is an excellent way to block inappropriate content. You can reset your device as per your convenience. A tutorial on how to reset a Samsung tablet will help you to reset your device.

Keep an eye on the activities of your children when playing video games, watching TV, or hanging out online. Remember, you have to teach them how to use social media carefully. It is essential to protect them from hackers and scammers. Make sure to install some educational games and apps for your children.

They must have plenty of screen-free time to protect their eyes. Parents can manage a healthy schedule for their kids. If you are noticing any issue in your tablet, bring it back to factory settings.

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