5 most productive Applications for Tablet Users

With extensive connectivity and powerful processors, the tablets and smart devices become indispensable. You can download different productive apps for your productivity and personal assistance. Find numerous apps in the Play Store to boost your productivity. From mobile office suites, note-taking apps to calendars, and to-do lists, you can install different apps on your tablet. Here are the 5 most productive applications for tablet users.

1. Any.do

People often forget chores and daily tasks; therefore, Any.do can be a suitable app. This app is free for iOS and Android. With this app, it will be easy for you to manage your regular schedule with a to-do list, notes, reminders, etc. After buying a tabledownload this app in your slate.

Feel free to share extensive lists and assign projects to others. With this app, you can sync between the web, tablet, desktop, and phone. Fortunately, this app comes with a voice-entry characteristic. Use your voice to add different items in the list.

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2. 1Password

You can’t waste your time remembering passwords. To avoid a tricky situation, use 1Password and save your passwords at a place. It will help you to secure your mental energy for different other tasks. Feel free to store different things in this app.

Download and install this app in on a tablet because it is available for iOS and Android. It features end-to-end encryption to protect your important passcodes. Start with a free trial to manage your passwords.

3. Just Press Record

With this versatile app, you can record different voices with one tap. This app is designed for iPad, iPhone, and other devices of Apple. Users have to press an apple icon for some seconds to record. Feel free to use it for smartwatches of Apple. 

This app is suitable to transcribe speech with different languages and punctuation commands. Feel free to sort recordings with time and date. It is possible to change the name of a file manually. Transcriptions and records can be synced to iCloud. 

4. Toggl

This free time tracking app is available for iOS and Android devices. Toggl is ideal for groups or individuals. Users may start, log, and stop times. Track the time of your tasks on the desktop or mobile phone. With this app, it is easy to sync data between two platforms. It becomes easy to track time on tasks and projects. 

With specialized tools, you can tag entries, bulk edit, and organize files. You can export or import data in CSV or PDF formats. Get the advantage of premium subscriptions to access extra features.

5. Teamweek

Download and install this app on iOS and Android tabletsWith this time and project management apps, you can manage your team quickly. It allows users to assign, color-code, and create tasks on a shared calendar.

Feel free to sync data for all team members on mobile and desktop. It is possible to break down tasks into timelines and checklists. With its free tiers, you can coordinate with almost five users.

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