Best Places to Get Rid of Technology Clutter

You have to remove your old devices from your house to allow more space for new products. Numerous stores offer you great value for your garbage. See these popular places to sell online or visit their local store.

1. BuybackBoss

In this list, you can’t ignore BuybackBoss to sell your old smartphone and tablet. They offer reasonable prices as compared to other places. You have to follow three steps to sell your old tablet or smartphone. In the first step, visit their website and get your quote. This process may take only 30 seconds.

Now you have to ship a used phone for free and track this shipment. After shipping your item, feel free to get money through PayPal or check.

2. OCBuyback

If you want to sell your Samsung, Google or Apple phone, OCBuyback can be a suitable choice. You have to tap on “Sell your Cell Phone” and tap on the phone you want to sell. Please choose a model of the phone along with its carrier, such as Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, etc. 

Verify the storage capacity of a smartphone. Remember, you can get details about the internal components of your phone in its “About” section. Make sure to adjust the condition of your used phone. 

You have to share accurate details about your phone. After entering your data, you will get a price to sell your phone. 

3. Deculttr

Feel free to sell your smartphone on this platform. It works similar to BuybackBoss. With their updated app, you can get money through check and PayPal. They may pay through direct deposit or a donation to charities. It can be an ideal location to sell your used phone.

4. Amazon Trade-In and Amazon Program

Sell your smartphone in two different methods, such as Amazon and Amazon Trade-In. After selling your phone, you will be able to get a gift card of Amazon. Feel free to sell your old phone directly on Amazon. 

You will be able to get profitable deals for your used products. It is possible to access a broad audience of Amazon. 

5. eBay

eBay is a reliable platform to sell your old phones, tablets and laptops. Make sure to use a buffer for selling and listing fees. You can use similar listings to sell your phone to determine the price of your device.

It is essential to decide if you want to offer free shipping. In this way, you can attract potential buyers. By selling at eBay, you will be able to access a large audience. Feel free to get higher profit from retailers.

Another platform is Gadget Gobbler to sell your used devices. You will be able to get a free and affordable shipping label.

Why Chromebook Suits you Better than a Laptop If you are a Blogger?

As compared to the windows 10 tabletChromebook is a budget-friendly option. It runs on Chrome OS that means programs of Windows may not work on these devices. There are numerous reasons to use Chromebooks over Windows laptops.

Stable than Windows 10

As compared to Windows 10, Chrome operating system is an exceptional choice. If you are not happy with the changes in visual basic programs of Microsoft, you can choose Chromebook. In the past few years, updates from Windows are becoming a nightmare. Windows users try to hold off updates of their computer. 

Remember, Chrome OS is user-friendly, and a secure optionSecurity violations of Windows pop up each month. No doubt, Chrome OS has some security holes, but you can trust on Chromebook after installing an antivirus.

Smoothly Move to a New Hardware

Migration from old PC to a new one can be a nightmare if you are dealing with Microsoft Windows 10. It is not easy to jump from Windows 10 – Windows 10. With a Microsoft or local account, you have to move local files manually. On a Chromebook, you can start working after logging in to your new machine.

Great for Data Security

After dropping a laptop, your machine will be broken. As a result, you will get nothing in the absence of a backup. To restore your files, you will need a recent backup; otherwise, you may be in hot water. In the case of Chromebook, you will not face this issue. 

After buying a new machine with Chrome operating system, you have to log in to this machine and get your data back. You will not lose your applications, data or settings. 

Great for Offline Use

There is a myth that you can’t use a Chromebook without a secure internet connection. Remember, Chromebook is equally suitable for offline use. Feel free to watch movies, use a calendar, write Gmail, edit photographs, listen to music, work in Docs and use a calendar. You can use different apps and browsers on this machine.

Feel free to run Linux program and Android applications on modern Chromebooks. For bloggers, this can be a great option. If you have a limited budget, you can buy this affordable Chromebook.

Good for Android Apps

Some people have a misconception that they can’t run android apps. Remember, it is possible to install android apps on your Chromebooks. This operating system is similar to a native android device. You can easily access android files.

Chromebooks run android apps and Linux. These books can also run Windows. You will get support for numerous apps. There is no need to worry about the speed of Chromebooks. For bloggers, students and professionals, you can buy these machines. These are affordable and efficient for everyone.

How to Make Money Using my Smartphone?

You can earn money from the comfort of your house. Similarly, a smartphone allows you to earn money. Here are numerous things to do with your smartphone or tablet.


With this app, you can get money for small tasks. A few tasks take almost five minutes. For instance, you can play games, watch videos and become a part of daily surveys. You will get money from Swagbucks. 

After completing each task, you will receive points. It is possible to redeem points for gift cards and PayPal cash. Redemptions of gift cards may start at almost $3 for stores and restaurants. Your initial bonus can be $5 at the time of sign up.


With InboxDollars, you can make money after taking surveys, watching videos and reading emails. If you want to double your earning potential, feel free to join two platforms.


It is a sister site to Swagbucks; therefore, earning points can be identical. Their award options are different than other sites. For instance, earn 1,000 points from MyPoints, but this reward can be 500 points for activity from Swagbucks.


This multipurpose platform is a source of fun and money at the same time. Each survey will help you to earn cash. Moreover, online games are available to earn points. After referring your friend to CashCrate, you will be able to increase your rewards. It is possible to make money after interacting with other people.


You can earn gift cards with your device through InstaGC. It is possible to make money by shopping online, playing games and watching videos. Feel free to access over 360 gift cards. These digital gift cards are available for everyone promptly.

Mechanical Turk

It is possible to get gift cards of Amazon from Mechanical Turk. MTurk (Mechanical Turk) will help you to get a good income stream. It is suitable for computers and tablets. 

You may not be able to earn rewards from the iPhone because it is not compatible. You can enter data from images or take surveys to make money.

Smartphones and tablets

Surveys on Smartphone

If you need easy and smart ways to earn money, you can complete paid surveys. Several fortune 500 businesses, product developers and retailers are looking forward to getting your opinions. They will pay you for your advice on their products and services.

Survey Junkies may be another option to receive points for gift cards and cash. Through these surveys, companies need your opinion about their products and services.

Vindale Research

If you need daily survey options, Vindale Research can be an ideal choice. You will be able to earn almost $75 for every survey. It allows you to earn extra cash by leaving feedback and watching videos with your tablet or smartphone. You will get money through paper check or PayPal cash.

What Are the Reasons for Upgrading Dell Computer Memory?

Speed of your best tablet pc may depend on the RAM (Random Access Memory). The memory of your computer system needs a physical card, such as RAM and virtual memory. System memory can’t be permanent storage similar to a hard disk drive. You can’t save its content once your system turns off. 

After starting a program, the processor gives commands to retrieve this program from a hard drive. Once these files are successfully retrieved, the system must have sufficient workspace to manipulate data and interact with it. RAM is your digital countertop. Without enough RAM, your system may not work. You can’t ignore RAM even for the best tablet pc.

Your computer puts your programs in RAM while you are working on them. It allows a processor to access the information quickly. With extra RAMs in your computer, you will be able to get the larger countertop. In this way, you can increase the speed of your computer. To solve speed issues, the addition of RAMs can be the best choice. RAM has two critical attributes to affect the performance of the system, such as memory speed and memory capacity.

best tablet pc

Limitations of the Operating System

Nowadays, numerous computers have a 64-bit operating system. A few systems use a 32-bit operating system and have an old design. Before upgrading a RAM, make sure to check its compatibility with your system. Your computer must support the new memory. Microsoft has excellent listings for memory capacity. 

With more GB (gigabytes) in memory modules, you will be able to enjoy better performance of your program. A 2 to 4 GB can be a standard RAM for the best tablet pcXP or Vista. This memory may handle single apps. A system must have memory more than 4GB for optimum performance.

To handle common tasks, your computer must have 4 to 6 GB RAM. This RAM is sufficient for word documents, emailing and web browsing. If you want to handle multiple programs, you can choose RAMs with large capacities, such as 6 to 8 GB. No doubt, the robust capacity of RAM is 8+ GB. It is ideal for high-end multimedia users and gamers. You will need this for the new technology.

Importance of Memory Speed

Memory speed is an essential factor to determine the performance of your device. Remember, memory speed is the time that the RAM of a device takes to transfer information to other components. The fast processor can work at a faster speed with other elements. Speed of RAM is measured in MHz (Megahertz), millions of cycle in each second.Speed of the processor may depend on the speed of the motherboard and other factors. With RAM upgrades, it is possible to improve the speed and capability of your system. In numerous cases, you have to upgrade a RAM and replace it with the current RAM module. Larger modules can manage your system in a better way. Several tablets and portable systems don’t have upgradable RAM. You must check support for your best tablet pc before changing its RAM.

Microsoft is now hiding apps incompatible with the Surface Pro X

For the best windows 10 tabletyou can download numerous apps to increase its efficiency. There are several apps incompatible with Surface Pro X. It is a major issue because Microsoft is not making it clear. Users have to figure out incompatible apps for their devices. Sadly, Microsoft was trying to hide this fact. 

Microsoft is working on this issue. The latest version of the Microsoft store has numerous incompatible apps. These apps are hidden now to increase the confidence of users. There are multiple, incompatible games, but these are still visible. You may be able to install these apps remotely on the best windows 10 tablet.

Incompatible Games and Apps

If you are noticing a game or app in Microsoft store, it doesn’t mean that it will work on your device. Several developers find it necessary to update or recompile their apps for ARM devices, such as Surface Pro X. Consistent updates from Microsoft are decreased the number of these apps on the store. 

There were apps, such as Affinity Photo before updates. These were appearing in searches and stores of Microsoft. A similar thing is happening with Broforce. Now it is impossible to install them on ARM devices. Numerous games and apps are not available for ARM64. Remember, you can’t use them with Windows 10.

A few titles are slipped through this update procedure. They are still visible on your ARM windows 10 devices. For instance, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is visible for purchase. It is not an incompatible app. Before downloading a game or app from Windows store, it is necessary to check if you can run it on your best windows 10 tabletSometimes, a remotely installed game or app will not work on your system.

Drivers for Games, Apps and Hardware

The drivers of apps, hardware and games will work if they are specifically designed for a 10 ARM-based Windows 10 PC. If you want to get more information, you have to check with your hardware manufacturer. Relevant drivers can make your work easy.

Remember, drivers are special software programs to communicate with your hardware device. They are used for antimalware and antivirus software, PDF software and printing. If a driver may not work, the hardware or app relies on this driver. You have to check the compatibility of an app for your best windows 10 tablet. 

It will not work efficiently. Devices and peripherals will work if drivers depend on Windows 10. Remember, 64-bit apps may not work on your device. You have to find special versions of apps for your operating system. If a version uses OpenGL, apps and games will not work. You have to depend on anti-cheat drivers. Several apps are available for a customized windows experience. The cloud storage apps, assistive technologies and IMEs (input method editors). Sometimes, it is impossible to download even a third-party antivirus. You may get maximum apps and security tools for your best windows 10 tabletThe problem of incompatible apps is common in Surface Pro X.

Bought a new Amazon Echo? Here’s your guide to set up the device

After buying a new Amazon Echo, you have to set up this device. Remember, this procedure is easy with your mid android 9 inch tabletOnce you set up this device, it will be easy for you to ask funny questions. Moreover, this voice-controlled speaker will help you to manage different tasks. You can enjoy a hands-free experience. 

Feel free to enable Alexa so that Echo can retort to your voice commands. It is possible to read audiobooks, play music, break down news, report weather and do lots of other things. It features seven integrated microphones. This speaker is designed to understand your voice commands even from a different room. 

These work well with your mid android 9 inch tablet. If you are using the Amazon Echo, you must not worry about music playing in the background or background noise. Here is a simple set up for your new Echo.

Download Alexa App

In the first step, you have to download the free Alexa app. It is a must-have for the owners of Echo Dot and Amazon Echo. You will need this app to set up your echo device. Download it on your tablet or smartphone with Android 5.1 or higher.

You can easily find it in the app store of your device. Use the search bar to get Alexa app and download this app on your computer. It is necessary to have strong Wi-Fi for your device. Feel free to download this app from the website of Amazon Alexa.

Plugin Your Echo

For set-up procedure, it is an easy step. Your Echo will not need batteries to work. You have to plug the power adapter into the Echo and to a power outlet. Wait for a few seconds and check the color of the light ring. 

Once the ring turns blue, it indicates that power is connected. Make sure to have a mid android 9 inch tablet for setup. Wait for some time so that the ring can turn orange. It means Alexa is processing for a greeting. After a few moments, you will be able to hear voice of Alexa.

Connect Echo to Wi-Fi through an App

You have to connect an Echo device to a Wi-Fi network of your home. The advanced version of the Echo will guide you through this process. If you are not satisfied, you can open the Alexa app and search it via available networks. With multiple devices of Echo, you have to check “Alexa Devices” in a menu and select the perfect device. Under “Wireless heading”, you can see the state of network connection.Once connected, save a Wi-Fi password to Amazon to make connections easy. Set up your new Alexa on a similar network or choose another network. You have to save a strong password to use Echo along with other smart devices. A mid android 9 inch tablet can be the best way to set up everything. After enabling the Echo, you are ready to talk to Alexa.

How to reinstall the Google Play Store?

Your tablet is incomplete without its Google Play Store. If your play store is not working correctly, you have to fix its issue. For instance, update your play store to improve its performance. If your current Play Store is not working appropriately, you can consider a reinstall. It will allow you to re-enable apps. Make sure to use a similar Google account on the device before reinstalling an app. 

A similar account will help you to install an app on more devices. Moreover, you can install apps on a new device. With your account, you can easily reinstall deleted apps. Here are some simple instructions to reinstall the Google Play Store on your tablet.

Check Current Version of Google Play

Updates may take time; therefore, you have to install and download a new version of the Play Store. If your current version is creating issues, you will immediately need a new version. Before rushing to get the latest APK Play Store, you have to check the current version of the app (Play Store). See these instructions to do this:

Move to “Settings” and “App & notifications”.

Search “Google Play” and click it (feel free to see all apps to find the desired option).

Click on “Advanced” and scroll down to the bottom to check the current version number. If a Google Play app is working well, there is no need to reinstall or update it. Check the version of the app by opening it and tap on the menu button (three lines) in the top corner. Check-in “Settings” and scroll down to see the accurate number on your tablet.

Remember, the numbering system for the Play Store version can be confusion. Remember, you can understand this number because it jumps between odd numbers.

Download APK for the Google Play Store

Keep it in mind that you can get a licensed version of the Play Store already installed on your Android device. Sometimes, it becomes crucial to reinstall the Play Store app. Search for the latest version of the Google Play Store. 

Remember, new versions come with some changes to increase its performance. You may not notice significant changes in the user interface. The latest versions often come with special features. After downloading an app, you may notice an error. It means you have to troubleshoot your tablet. See these instructions:

  • Check “Settings – App & Notifications”.
  • Carefully scroll down to Play store, click it and hit “Storage & Cache” to clear the cache.
  • Feel free to do the same things for the services of Google Play. 

It will help you to fix number issues related to the Play Store of Google. Based on the type of your device, it may require rooting to install the Play Store manually.  

Install Google Play Store

To install a new version of the Google Play Store, you will need APK of the store to complete this process manually. You can directly install APK of the Play Store on your tablet or do it through a computer. Follow the instructions to reinstall the Google Play Store.

How to transfer files from android phone to laptop without using a wire?

Are you planning to buy a new tablet? There is nothing to worry because it is easy to transfer files from your phone to your tablet or laptop. Moving data from a device to another may need a data cable. If you don’t have wire, there is nothing to worry because you can use other methods to transfer files. A wireless network will help you to transfer files. Here are three ways:

  • Bluetooth file transfer
  • Cloud solutions
  • Transfer Files from PC – Android Wi-Fi
  • Use Third-Party Software

Bluetooth Transfer from Phone to Laptop

Bluetooth is a popular method to transfer files. Remember, it is more accessible than Wi-Fi. With Bluetooth file transfer, you can work without Wi-Fi. Remember, you have to follow these steps:

Turn on Bluetooth on your phone and laptop. Ensure that name of your device is discoverable. 

Check Bluetooth settings on your computer. Choose an Android device in the list and pair.

Sometimes, you have to enter a security code to pair devices. You have to permit to receive files from another device.

Search your desired files to transfer from a phone. Select “Share” option.

Share files (photos, etc.) via Bluetooth and save to PC. These options are available on your tablet. 

your tablet

Transfer Files via Wi-Fi

It is possible to transfer files from your computer to Android with the help of Wi-Fi. Feel free to transfer data from a PC to Android. Use a third-party software tool to transfer files. It will allow you to share files from a device to another without a wire.

Cloud Services to Transfer Files

You can transfer files from PC to android tablets with the use of Cloud services. It is an effective way to transfer data from one device to another. Cloud services, such as Google Drive and Dropbox allow you to upload files from a PC or phone and access them on your tablet.

Remember, you can store your data externally. As compared to simple transfer, this method is not safe. You have to sync files between devices. Here are some easy steps to transfer files:

Check the website of the cloud provider.

Register for the services and check free options to transfer files. Remember, free services may offer limited storage. You have to pay for extra storage.

Download an accompanying app on the phone and set up an account with details.

Now you are ready to transfer files between devices through cloud storage.

Droid Transfer

To transfer files between your devices, you will need Droid transfer software. With this app, you have to scan a QR code. Make sure to sync your PC and android device wirelessly. Feel free to drag and drop important files between these platforms. 

AirDroid works similar to Droid Transfer. It will help you to transfer files with a screen mirror. It can cast your android screen to PC over a Wi-Fi connection on your local network. Control your device from PC.

Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact

Are you looking for the best deal tablet? Check the best features of the Sony Xperia Z3 tablet compact. It is a dustproof and waterproof compact tablet by Sony. A quad-core Qualcomm 2.5GHz Snapdragon processor powers tablet. It features 3GB of RAM, 4.4 Android operating system, and 4500mAh non-removable battery.

Hardware and Software

The dustproof and waterproof device comes with IP68 and IP65 setting. The device features a 203.2 mm (8.0 inch) display with 283 PPI density. The display comes with Triluminos technology and rear-facing 8 megapixels camera. Moreover, you can record 1080p video and Sony Exmor image sensor.

A compact tablet is available with pre-loaded KitKat Android 4.4.4 and custom interface. The new software additions in this tablet include PlayStation 4 game console (video), Sony select, Lifelog app, and remote play support. You can increase the storage to almost 128GB with a microSD card.

best deal tablet

Connectivity Options

Connectivity options for the tablet include GPS, Wi-Fi, MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link), and NFC. The Xperia Sony Z3 tablet measures 123mm x 213mm x 6.40mm. It weighs only 280 grams.

Sharp Looks

The Sony tablet is famous for its sharp looks. Get the advantage of true-to-life colors and finely-tuned clarity. It comes with 4K technology to deliver impressive screen experience. With its razor-sharp details, you can feel life on the screen.

From audio quality to build quality, this tablet is lightweight and portable. These features make it a unique companion for e-readers, entertainment, computing, and other tasks. Feel free to carry it with you during travels. 

Portable Device

The Z3 tablet of Xperia is totally portable and lightweight. It looks similar to a slim magazine to slip in your bag easily. The advanced technology of Sony makes it a powerful device. With its shine or rain design, there is no need to worry about spills and rain. For its dust-tight qualities, it can be the best travel companion. It is the best tablet for entertainment, work, and travel.

With a sharp and bright 8.1-inch screen, it is one of the best devices to watch media content in the sun. It allows you to zone out to favorite music without any distractions. The Z3 tablet allows you to cancel digital noise. You can easily block out background noise. Feel free to listen to your tracks with clarity. 

Super-Fast Surfing Speed

For long-lasting and fluid fun, this slate features a super-fast processor and LTE/4G to increase the speed of the internet connection. You can play games everywhere with the Remote Play PS4 console. Play games in your idle time without any restriction.

If you want the best screen and great features within your budget, consider this  tabletYou can get the advantage of exclusive features, speed, and exceptional brightness. Travelers and business professionals can carry it because of its lightweight and portability.

It can be the best device for the fans of Samsung devices. Tablet is equipped with a higher-saturation screen and a super-vivid setting. If you can’t afford Apple and Samsung’s tablets, it may be the best device for you.

5 Things You Can Do in macOS Catalina That You Couldn’t Before

macOS Catalina comes with lots of unique features. It can be the best 10 inch tablet for you to download iTunes. Moreover, you can do lots of things with macOS Catalina. Here are five things you can do in macOS Catalina that you couldn’t before.

1. Manage Podcasts, Movies, and Music in Different Apps

On Mac, you can’t access iTunes. For this reason, you can use Apple Podcasts, Apple TV, and Apple Music. Finder may help you to restore and back up mobile devices. These apps allow you to get the advantage of iTunes.

The music app of Apple may incorporate both the subscription service of Apple music and the old library of iTunes. You can access your playlist and make smart choices with the best 10 inch tablet.

best 10 inch tablet

2. Second Display with iPad

Usually, you will need a third-party app to use the iPhone as a second display. In Catalina, there is no need to worry about extra apps. You can mirror the display of Mac or use it as an extension. It can be done by connecting an iPad to Mac wirelessly or with a cable.

If you can’t create a mirror image, feel free to use apps, such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe Illustrator, and Affinity Photos. Feel free to sketch and draw in apps with your Apple pencil on Mac. Even without using these apps, you can markup PDFs on an iPad with an Apple Pencil. Make sure to install these apps as per your needs in your tablet.

3. Limit Screen Time

With this cool feature, it is possible to limit the screen time of your spouse and children. Moreover, it can even spoil your fun by setting a limit. It is possible to put limits on the use of particular apps. Screen time is an exclusive option available in “System Preferences”. 

Feel free to use this feature to monitor the use of Apple devices. Moreover, set limits for your screen time, apps, and specific categories of apps for each day.

Run Original Apps Available for iPad

For software developers, a Catalyst is a fantastic tool in macOS Catalina. With this app, you can easily port apps from tablet and iPad to your Mac. To see its effects, make sure to see apps umping from tablets to laptops and desktops of Apple. You may not find some apps live, but get the advantage of available options.

4. Easily Find Mac

With Find My app, you can control macOS, iPadOS, iOS, Smart Watches, and MacBooks. Apple will help you to find the right devices. It is possible to find devices securely, invisibly, and anonymously. 

5. Manage Reminders Easily

Notes are available on tabletsGet the advantage of this upgrade in macOS Catalina. You can view a new gallery, use a search function, and get the benefit of a checklist feature. It is possible to share folders of notes and use apps in collaboration.