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Best 10 Inch Android Tablets in 2019

There are several options for android and iOS users. Feel free to choose the best 10 inch android tablets in 2019. Remember, the 10-inch display can be a reliable choice to prevent eye strain and other issues. No doubt, iPads are great, but everyone can’t afford iPads. 

In this situation, android tablets can be a suitable choice. You can compare different options before purchasing a device. See these best tablets for sale.

Samsung Tab S6 Galaxy

If you want a high-quality tablet, you can buy this slate from S series. This series is dominant with 10.5-inch AMOLED display and a 2560 x 1600-pixel resolution. Compared to Google android tabletsits screen is bright and sharp. You will find it great to watch movies and other programs.

It comes with an in-display fingerprint sensor. The special AKG-tuned four speakers are fixed in every corner. You can enjoy Dolby Atmos loud sound. Moreover, it has a quick Snapdragon processor 855 along with 8GB of RAM. With 256GB storage, it is fast enough to stream online movies and play games.

ASUS 3S 10 ZenPad

It is one of the best android tablets with swift response, hi-res and strong display. ASUS ZenPad features mediocre battery life. With a beautiful and bright display, you will find this tablet great for video streaming and gaming.

The build quality and battery life may not be the best, but you will get great value for your money. If you need an affordable tablet, feel free to invest in ASUS ZenPad. 

Samsung Galaxy S5e Tab

If you can’t buy Tab S6, you may find S5e tablet affordable. It features a 10.5-inch AMOLED display and quad speakers. You will find this tablet great for TV shows and movies. This tablet is slim and lightweight with a fingerprint sensor.

This tablet depends on Snapdragon 670 processor and 4GB of RAM. Its built-in storage is 128GB; therefore, you can store sufficient games and movies. You can take advantage of 7,040mAh battery.

Amazon 10 Fire HD

If you need an affordable tablet, you can purchase Amazon Fire HD 10. It features a USB-C port, bigger battery, a processor and front-facing camera. 

You can get the advantage of Dolby Audio support, best stereo speakers, 5 GHz WI-Fi bands and 2 GB of RAM. It is possible to enjoy the best download speed and fantastic performance. It is possible to get advantage of MicroSD support. After a single charge, you can use it for almost 12 hours. 

Huawei M5 Pro MediaPad

MediaPad M5 of Huawei offers a sharp, bright and functional screen. It is great to watch movies and play games. This MediaPad features a back 13-megapixel camera and a front 8-megapixel camera. You will get EMUI9.0 Huawei and 9.0 android Pie. It boasts a great 7,500 mAh battery.

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