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Best GPS apps for Android Tablets to Track Your Location

Clear navigation is only possible if your screen is big enough to see clearly. For this we recommend the 10 inch Android Tablet because it gives a much clearer view to a user. We all know that Google Maps is considered the best android navigation app, but today we are here with some other apps as alternatives that considered competitors to Google.

10 inch android tablet

Backcountry navigation 

Right after Google maps, backcountry navigation is considered one of the best navigation apps for hikers. This app is a bit expensive, but it’s really worthy of having if you are a frequent hiker. The app has multiple offline maps tow download that help you navigate even if you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection. This app does have some fun features as well, you are able to mark your favorite areas by making spots for them. You can even see multiple types of trials in your area and much more. This navigation map gives you a choice of views you can switch through. This is a onetime pay app all you do is pay once and will be able to use it for lifetime, no annoying monthy fees to worry about. Navigation apps are easierto use if your tablet screens is bigger, so we recommend you to buy 10” Android tablet

HERE WeGO maps 

This map has a simple yet stylish interface that makes the user feel cool while using these maps. It has navigation capabilities all over the world and can be specific to your location. It allows you to download the maps so you can use them when you don’t have a data or WiFi. This amazing map app can track traffic information to take you the safest and fastest directions. Best part is, this app is totally free. This app also has a function called map creator with you can easily alter maps with your favorite locations.  


MapFactor is one of the most seamless Google Maps alternatives. It incorporates the fundamental route and GPS highlights. It utilizes OpenStreetMap that allows you to get free downloadable maps that are refreshed month to month in case you are ever in a position you need them offline. There are specific guides for locations too, however, they may cost real monday. It even incorporates different voices to help you navigate, 2D and 3D modes, day and a night mode, and the sky is the limit from there. This GPS application likewise has support for nations around the globe. Buy a 10” Android tablet to enjoy the full features of this amazing navigation app. is another well-known best navigation app. This app also has offline maps that make it easier to use map in areas where data is not available. This app also has the feature of bookmarking locations, offline location searching, traffic information, and worldwide map availability.

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