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Why Do you need a Tablet if you are a blogger?

Life of a blogger is incomplete without a tablet. For a blogger, the  7 inch android tablet can be an affordable option. However, 10-inch tablets are available for you. It doesn’t mean to avoid laptops of PC for work. Remember, it is essential to purchase a large-screen tablet. With this slate, you can manage your work under different circumstances. See the point below to realize the importance of tablets for bloggers.

Portable during Travel

Blogging is not an easy job because you have to do lots of research work and traveling. You can’t determine your working hours. A blogger with a tablet can travel without any stress. In the presence of the  7 inch android tablet, you can manage your work on a car, bus or train. 

best cheap 7 inch android tablet

Portable and Lightweight

Tablets are famous among bloggers and other professionals for its lightweight. These slates can occupy limited space. If you want to become a successful blogger, start your journey with a tablet. Remember, bloggers have to work in different locations. With a tablet, you can maintain a smooth workflow.

Comfortable Typing

For typing jobs, people find it impossible to use a tablet. Nowadays, hardware keyboards are available to use with tablets. Feel free to buy one to comfortably type emails and other documents. Comfort is an essential factor to consider when buying the  7 inch android tablet.

Nowadays, 2-in1 devices are available with a stylus and a keyboard. These advanced slates can replace laptops. In the presence of a tablet, your blog will not miss an update.

Best Tablets for Bloggers.

If you want to buy the best tablet for your blogging job, here are some great choices. These are affordable and handy.

Google Pixel C

With this latest entry, bloggers can keep their laptops at home. It features a high-end design and bright screen. This slate is portable to play games, draft emails, and write a blog post. Moreover, you can play your favorite games on its HD screen. If you are looking for the best cheap 7 inch android tablet, feel free to consider this option. 

Apple iPad Air 

Buy Air and Air 2 with an anti-reflective coating and retina display. With its unique screen, there is no need to worry about outdoor glare. This slate is perfect for games, photo editing, and videos with its high-end graphics. If you need a tablet for video editing, consider this slate.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

If you need a reliable replacement of iPad, consider this revolutionary product. With a large screen and slim design, you can use this device for photography work, blogging, and designing work. Unlike the  7 inch android tabletit can be an expensive device.

Amazon Fire HDX

Amazon launches its tablets with patented Firefly function and audio-enhancing technology. It can identify different items. Feel free to use Amazon Prime to stream and download movies. Remember, it can be an ideal choice for families, children, and bloggers

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