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What is best for you? 7 Inch or 12 Inch Tablet

Are you confused about the choice of the tablets? Deciding on the right screen size of a table is critical. Which mid android 9-inch tablet is the best to buy? Is some other tablet right for you? The choice to go large, small, or medium screen depends on what you need to use a tablet for. This decision depends on your budget and where you will be using this tablet. The first step is selecting the operating system before choosing the right display. 

Once you have made a decision, it is good to consider how big a gadget to buy. There are some basic things to know about buying a tablet that all tablets are for casual gaming, email, social networking, web surfing, and others. There are some other tablets that only become practical with a large screen. Some people use a mid-android 9-inch tablet. The majority of the users prefer smaller tablets like 7-inch tablet. It depends on your use because the majority of the people use the tablets for web surfing or viewing images, documents, and other things on the screen

Is a 7-inch screen better for you?

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Tablets are smaller in size and are portable devices. If you buy a mid-android 9-inch tablet, then it is not much bigger than the 7 inch one. The 7-inch screen tablet is lightweight and small enough to fit into a bag or purse. These are not very expensive items. The choice of model and brand depends on the user’s requirements. These tablets are highly suitable for plenty of tasks. A 7-inch tablet is highly convenient to read eBooks. The tablets of this size are lighter, but these are not good for spreadsheets, word processors, running productivity, watching long videos, high-end-gaming, etc. 

The use of the mid android 9-inch tablet is better because these 7-inch tablets are smaller and contain a slower processor. These are “lean back gadgets”, utilized to consume content instead of creating it. Using the keyboard onscreen, the models are similar to a smartphone for typing. You can hold the device and type with thumbs. It is easy in the landscape mode as the keys are bigger. 

Is 12-inch Screen Better for you?

With the bigger screen that 10-inches tablets are developed to be laptop alternative. These are built to target 9-inch business users or professionals. It is designed to offer a focus on productivity. It is good to work with 7-inch multiple applications at the same time. For the majority of the professionals, the tablet/laptop is famous for the majority. 

These tablets are full size, and you can easily handle all full range tasks that you need to do on the computer or laptops. It is a better choice for you from the basic email and internet to the most demanding tools and software for the business. Games are not suitable to play on these laptops. For playing game, the mid android 9-inch tablet is better.

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