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Microsoft is now hiding apps incompatible with the Surface Pro X

For the best windows 10 tabletyou can download numerous apps to increase its efficiency. There are several apps incompatible with Surface Pro X. It is a major issue because Microsoft is not making it clear. Users have to figure out incompatible apps for their devices. Sadly, Microsoft was trying to hide this fact. 

Microsoft is working on this issue. The latest version of the Microsoft store has numerous incompatible apps. These apps are hidden now to increase the confidence of users. There are multiple, incompatible games, but these are still visible. You may be able to install these apps remotely on the best windows 10 tablet.

Incompatible Games and Apps

If you are noticing a game or app in Microsoft store, it doesn’t mean that it will work on your device. Several developers find it necessary to update or recompile their apps for ARM devices, such as Surface Pro X. Consistent updates from Microsoft are decreased the number of these apps on the store. 

There were apps, such as Affinity Photo before updates. These were appearing in searches and stores of Microsoft. A similar thing is happening with Broforce. Now it is impossible to install them on ARM devices. Numerous games and apps are not available for ARM64. Remember, you can’t use them with Windows 10.

A few titles are slipped through this update procedure. They are still visible on your ARM windows 10 devices. For instance, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is visible for purchase. It is not an incompatible app. Before downloading a game or app from Windows store, it is necessary to check if you can run it on your best windows 10 tabletSometimes, a remotely installed game or app will not work on your system.

Drivers for Games, Apps and Hardware

The drivers of apps, hardware and games will work if they are specifically designed for a 10 ARM-based Windows 10 PC. If you want to get more information, you have to check with your hardware manufacturer. Relevant drivers can make your work easy.

Remember, drivers are special software programs to communicate with your hardware device. They are used for antimalware and antivirus software, PDF software and printing. If a driver may not work, the hardware or app relies on this driver. You have to check the compatibility of an app for your best windows 10 tablet. 

It will not work efficiently. Devices and peripherals will work if drivers depend on Windows 10. Remember, 64-bit apps may not work on your device. You have to find special versions of apps for your operating system. If a version uses OpenGL, apps and games will not work. You have to depend on anti-cheat drivers. Several apps are available for a customized windows experience. The cloud storage apps, assistive technologies and IMEs (input method editors). Sometimes, it is impossible to download even a third-party antivirus. You may get maximum apps and security tools for your best windows 10 tabletThe problem of incompatible apps is common in Surface Pro X.

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